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Could D'Antoni drive Howard away?


09:59 PM ET 01.24 | With the Lakers soap opera reaching new heights as the team's struggles continue, speculation has begun about Dwight Howard's impending free agency. Howard's first season in L.A. has been a disaster, but the team has refused to make him available in trade talks, believing that he still represents their best path towards building a championship team going forward. And while the Lakers believe he will ultimately re-sign this off-season, his increasingly contentious relationship with head coach Mike D'Antoni is a growing concern. Howard has expressed concerns about how he fits with D'Antoni's offensive system, which isn't built around a traditional low-post threat.

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January 25, 2013  12:32 AM ET

Mike was ready to drive 'Melo away too. It's just a BIG mess in LA. Dwight is also a cry baby.
Kobe got screwed royally.

January 25, 2013  02:15 AM ET

Most likely, Howard will drive D'Antoni away. Phil ain't coming back to ruin his image on a team with ZERO chance of winning a title.

Agreed. D'Antoni isn't the only problem. Kobe hasn't given the game plan a chance and now players are pointing fingers on whom to blame except themselves.

January 25, 2013  02:19 AM ET

Howard has to really think about what he wants.

If they don't reach the playoffs or get passed the 1st round it's a lost year, AGAIN, in his career. He also lost a year last season so that makes it 2. Kobe is going to stay for 1 or 2 years longer, can you put up with this until you are 30-31? Maybe nearing the end of your career health wise? Who knows.

He's 27, time is ticking to get a ring. I wouldn't stay in LA to be honest with this kind of nonsense going on. He had the opportunity to dip his feet in the water and feel out LA, move on now.

Howard needs to be Howard on HIS TEAM.

If he waits until he's 30 it's too late and a waste of talent.

January 25, 2013  02:20 AM ET

Phil ain't coming back to ruin his image on a team with ZERO chance of winning a title.

I don't know if PJ is coming back but I know that if Scott Brooks didn't receive an extension he would have been coaching the Thunder.

The championship mold is there already, just some finetuning.

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January 25, 2013  08:07 AM ET

3 tiers of guys that have come into the league since the '08 Draft

Franchise level-(multi-time all stars and MVP candidates)- Kyrie '11, Derek Rose '08, Blake Griffen '09, Anthony Davis '12, Harden '09, R. Westbrook '08, Love '08,

Elite level- (very good- best or 2nd best on a team- multi time all star- possible max)- DeMarcus Cousins'10 , Paul George '10. MKG '12, A Drummond '12, Lillard '12, Monroe '10, Curry '09, Jrue Holliday '09, R. Hibbert '08, S. Ibaka '08,

Very solid- (make an all star team or two, major contributors, long careers)- Evan Turner '10, John Wall'10, Derrick Favors'10, Tristan Thompson '11, Klay Thompson '11, Kemba Walker '11, Kenneth Faried '11, H. Barnes '12, Rubio '09, Lopez '08, Mayo '08,

Honorable Mention- Sullinger, Vucevic, Beal, Waiters, Leonard, Knight, Sanders, Bledsoe, Evans, Lawson, DeRozan, Jennings, Gallinari, Gordon, R. Anderson, Batum, Hickson

January 25, 2013  08:08 AM ET

big credit to the Knicks-

big win IN Boston- first win in Boston in a long time- that showed some mental strength and guts to go in there and get a win after the Melo/KG incident-

Jr SMith looks to be having a career year and hit a big clutch shot down the stretch

January 25, 2013  08:09 AM ET

as u all know Knicks are not my fav. team inthe world

but Melo looks amazing

and CHandler is the reigning DPOY

and they are getting a lot out of Jr Smith- i think thats why they are on the same level as the Pacers, Bulls, Nets this year

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January 25, 2013  09:17 AM ET

according to whom? Kyrie is not a multi time all star and though he may be the MVP of his team, he is not in consideration for NBA MVP. Anthony Davis should not be listed here either yet.

Agree 100%. Good morning AJ sir.

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