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All-Star Game's biggest snub


08:06 AM ET 01.25 | Credit Stephen Curry for taking the high road Thursday, tweeting congratulations to a teammate headed where he won't be. Most folks will tell you Curry is the main reason the Warriors have gone from spending nearly a decade in the dumps to a real threat in the Western Conference. Yet it was forward David Lee, not Curry, who snapped Golden State's 16-year drought Thursday, becoming the team's first All-Star since Latrell Sprewell in 1997. Now, nothing against Lee, who's been a major factor for the Warriors this season as well. He certainly deserved a spot. ... Others, however, were less thrilled with Lee being the only Warrior who was voted in as a reserve by the West coaches.

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January 25, 2013  08:48 AM ET

Its a political popularity contest.......whatever

political popularity contest you must not have heard

THE KYrie IRVING made the team!!!!

who has a better shot? who has a better handle? who is better at dressing up as a geriatric baller and filming commercials?

nobody- thats the answer!!!!

January 25, 2013  08:49 AM ET

Brook Lopez and Curry were the 2 guys that were most deserving and did not make it though- I wouldve definitely put Lopez in over Bosh

Lopez has been playing outstanding this year and has been the best Net on a team that has Joe Johnson and DWill

JJ, DWill, Lopez, Wallace- thats 4 players that are really really good at basketball

January 25, 2013  08:50 AM ET

Its a political popularity contest.......whatever

Exactly and he has his own teammate stealing votes from him. Reserves come from the West coaches. Two Warriors were not making the West squad as reserves there is just too much talented players in the West. The Squad is almost like a coaches

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January 25, 2013  09:04 AM ET

He should have been picked over Lamarcus Aldridge. And the Nets and Nuggets got snubbed also. I can understand the Nets because of the coach killer thing but the Nuggets should have had a player representing a winning team.

Yeah that is the point someone will always get snubbed. I actually think the Nuggets didn't really deserve an all-star because they are the true meaning of a team. Lawson leads them but there have been stretches where Brewer just gets it going off the bench, or Gallo gives them something or Iggy, Manimal killing the glass. They are much more evenly balanced team so no all star appearances. They could easily give Miller more minutes and probably not miss much. Curry just lost votes because I am sure the coaches were picking one Curry or Lee not both.

Lopez probably got robbed though but it comes back to the coaches picks. The east reserves are made up of most improved players and defensive glue guys and Irving who IMO is just an allstar no matter what his team record is.

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January 25, 2013  09:21 AM ET

"Biggest snub" ? 95% of NBA fans have never heard of him

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January 25, 2013  10:25 AM ET

Better To Rest Anyway, Bro.

January 25, 2013  11:16 AM ET

"Biggest snub" ? 95% of NBA fans have never heard of him

clearly you don't really follow NBA ball and most likely just whatever team you root for. Why even post in an NBA forum . . . i really hope this was sarcasm.

January 25, 2013  11:24 AM ET

what they should just do is take the top 12 scorers from each league....since the game ends up being 158-147 every year.why is a guy like tyson, who plays TEAM ball there?

He is there to catch alley-oops and dunk the ball very hard.

January 25, 2013  11:27 AM ET

Steph should have made the team over David Lee, LaMarcus Aldridge, Tony Parker and Zack Randolph. Without Steph, the Warriors were at the bottom of the West last year. With him - and him playing extremely well - they are a top 5 team out west and give the top teams (OKC, LAC) problems. The coaches got this one totally wrong.

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January 25, 2013  11:41 AM ET

JR Smith should be in.

Yup..we (NYK) are 2nd in the conference and he is a key reason for that record

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January 25, 2013  12:11 PM ET

He should have been picked over Lamarcus Aldridge.

Who says Aldridge was the wildcard?

Coaches had to pick 2 backcourt (guards) and 3 frontcourt (PF/Center) players AND TWO WILDCARDS.


1. Harden
2. Westbrook

1. Duncan
2. Alridge
3. ZBO



I'm willing to bet that Aldridge isn't a wildcard pick. :)


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