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Colin Kaepernick won't cash in from Super Bowl


02:56 PM ET 01.25 | There might not be two athletes in any sport as underpaid as Kaepernick and Wilson, two NFC West quarterbacks who figure to square off for years to come. It's off-the-charts ridiculousness, their salaries. It's thievery, nearly criminal. Colin Kaepernick has to wait another season before he can really cash in on his early-career success. Sixty minutes from a world championship, Kaepernick is finishing up Year Two of a four-year, $5.12 million deal that is worth more than $3 million less in full than what Mark Sanchez will make from the New York Jets next season. And yet, Kaepernick has no out. He is locked into the deal until after the 2013 season. Wilson's deal is even more glaring. He signed a four-year, $2.99 million deal that is worth $6 million less in full than what Kevin Kolb is scheduled to make from Seattle's division-rival Arizona Cardinals next season. The Ravens view Flacco has a top 10 quarterback in the league, so don't be surprised if they pay him as such. He has had a very successful career with the team, but more is being put on his shoulders as this team evolves into a new identity. With Ray Lewis leaving, this deal could cement Flacco as the new face of the Ravens organization moving forward.

Colin Kaepernick scrambles against the Falcons., Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports Colin Kaepernick scrambles against the Falcons., Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
January 25, 2013  03:14 PM ET

Then it's good for him that he trademarked his name.

January 25, 2013  03:23 PM ET

These types of comparisons are such nonsense. "Ridiculousness?" For every underpaid starting QB in the league there are several overpaid starters (and former starters who are now backups). The 49ers and Seahawks took a gamble paying these guys as much as they did, and got lucky. I'm glad to see the two as successful as they are, and hope they get their due eventually, but talk like this is one of the reasons football salaries got so inflated to begin with.

January 25, 2013  03:50 PM ET

The Kaepenicker will have his day, some day soon, Good for Him!!!

January 25, 2013  04:46 PM ET

Yes that nasty contract he got for not being the first one drafted. What if he had done better in college, what contract would he have? What if he played for another team? Would he be as "good" as he is now?

January 25, 2013  04:50 PM ET

Jamarcus Russell is laughing his **** off at that....

January 25, 2013  04:51 PM ET

I doubt that either player will be short on sponsors...

January 25, 2013  05:00 PM ET

Then that only gives him more incentive to do well in the SB.... The big payday will have to wait but the endorsements will come IMO.

January 25, 2013  05:49 PM ET

Someone needs to pay me millions for predicting that the 9ers would make it to the SB. Just Sayin'.

January 25, 2013  06:46 PM ET

Sure Colin wont!!! Creepy believes that!!!

January 25, 2013  08:33 PM ET

Typical over reaction to what were out of line contracts for rookies. Now the pay scale is too low for rookies. Based on their value to their respective teams both of these guys should be paid more. Hopefully they'll both be able to cash in down the line.

January 26, 2013  11:19 PM ET

Jamarcus Russell is laughing his **** off at that....

thats alot of laughing Mangler, lol


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