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Revis' ACL isn't scaring teams off from pursuing a trade


07:59 PM ET 01.25 | The New York Jets are in a bit of a pickle. Besides all the turmoil from the 2012 season that has carried over into the offseason, the Jets now have a major decision on their hands: what to do with Darrelle Revis. It was reported earlier this week that the Jets and new general manager John Idzik are exploring a possible trade that would ship "Revis Island" to a new location. But while every team in the NFL wanted Darrelle Revis before his ACL injury, the question now becomes who wants him after the fact? Revis better send a giant box of chocolates to Adrian Peterson, as after the Vikings running back bounced back from his ACL injury, it seems teams aren't as scared as they once were about a player's recovery. Mike Freeman from wrote that there is a "gold rush" of teams vying to get Revis on their roster. Logic would suggest that even a Darrelle Revis operating at 85 percent is still 10 times better than most of the defensive backs in the NFL. The reason the Jets are trading Revis has nothing to do with his ACL, rather it has everything to do with his contract situation.


Darrelle Revis, AP Photo/Stephen Chernin Darrelle Revis, AP Photo/Stephen Chernin
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January 25, 2013  09:21 PM ET

After the year AP had, Revis will hold most if not all his value!

January 26, 2013  01:03 AM ET

Oh, boy. Hasn't that team imploded enough?

January 26, 2013  01:07 AM ET

Yes but somehow, like Jason, they keep coming back. Why? Because people keep paying to see how bad it can get

January 26, 2013  01:13 AM ET

AP is the exception not the rule, I'd think twice about this one.

January 26, 2013  06:47 AM ET

AP is the exception not the rule, I'd think twice about this one.

Exactly! See the Steelers' RB Mendenhall for all the proof you'll need.

January 26, 2013  07:26 AM ET

Exactly! See the Steelers' RB Mendenhall for all the proof you'll need.

Mendenhall is nowhere near the player Revis is, not even close!

January 26, 2013  08:57 AM ET

It is his future contract demand ( UFA 2 after this season) that scares teams away. How much is he worth coming off serious knee surgery and one year left on his contract with no franchise tag language in it?

January 26, 2013  10:11 AM ET

Trading Revis is the absolute smartest thing the Jets organization could do, provided he brings back a few draft picks. Why not? This team stinks, they are going to rebuild...maybe not 2-14 rebuild, but rebuild nonetheless. And when you are rebuilding, you don't pay 16 million dollars to malcontent cornerback coming off surgery and who were losing a fair percent of his mojo even before his injury. I watch the Jets, and the whole "Revis Island" thing is three years past. Anyone watching Tebow run past him that night two seasons ago knows that. Get some draft picks and save that money to restock your roster.

January 26, 2013  08:06 PM ET

Dan Snyder.. get that check book out, pronto!

January 26, 2013  11:08 PM ET



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