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Lopez remains Brooklyn's key pawn


07:26 AM ET 01.28 | A new week dawns for Brook Lopez, whose past week wasn't all that much fun. One day, Lopez was being sucked back into the Dwight Howard trade vortex. The next, he was being passed over for the All-Star team. It was not a great week for self-esteem. ... When healthy, happy and motivated, Howard is a top-five player, with the charisma to match, a star in every sense of the word. If he hits the market, teams will line up to get him, bad back and bad attitude notwithstanding. The Nets will say they have their star center, even if Lopez hasn't been officially certified as such. They will also, most certainly, do everything possible to extract Howard from Los Angeles if the Lakers conclude he is no longer worth the trouble.

The New York Times

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January 28, 2013  07:52 AM ET

Let the drama continue

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January 28, 2013  08:59 AM ET

Lakers don't believe Howard will walk so they will hold on to him and see what happens in the summer. Howard will not give a yes or no prior to trade deadline

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January 28, 2013  09:25 AM ET

What's happening w/ the Lakers? They won 2 in a row but Kobe having only 22 fga in 2 games but had 14 assist in each game. Kobe must be sick or something! Somehow he found a way to share the ball and trusted his teammates. There's something wrong there! I want the ball hog Kobe back just like what GUgy and LAD wants. We want the Kobe w/ the 30+ FGA. Who kidnapped Kobe? If this is the new Kobe, will it last? I know LBS and Dogue ate happy about this but the fanatics are come in here and raise hell...lmfao

The same will happen to LBJ when he gets older, he won't be able to carry the team like he does at the present time!!! Kobe had some great years and carried the Lakers to 5 titles, now he must learn to take the role of the facilitator and get everyone involved in the game.

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January 28, 2013  09:27 AM ET

For the Lakers to save their position as a dominant franchise, the following needs to happen:- Kobe needs to continue to play unselfishly and lead the team the right way.- The stars on the team need to stay healthy the rest of the season.- The team needs to win a LOT of the remaining games to get into the Playoffs.- Once in the Playoffs, they need to upset the higher-ranking team in the first round.- Then, they need to win the second round as well, and get into the Conference Finals.- If they are able to get into the Conference Finals, then they have a CHANCE at keeping Howard. - They then need to convince Howard to stay.- If they do all these things, then the Lakers' charm may continue.

LOL, thank you very much Phil Jackson!!!!!! :-)

January 28, 2013  09:29 AM ET

* Carried them to 2 titles *

LOL, whatever!!!!! I know where you are going with this (Shaq). I won't take the bait this morning!!! :-)

January 28, 2013  09:51 AM ET

Poor brook....maybe now he gets his rightfull all star spot though, with Rondo gimpy

Hey M3AT! This is off-topic but so what. Friday I made reference to talking to my dead girlfriend and Dogue (I think) seemed not to get the Manti-ref and as I was constructing a marvelously witty reply, it occurred to me that in fact many people besides Manti claim to speak and hear back from the dead, i.e., a dead (for 2000 years) blue-eyed Jewish guy and to some of them he talks back and tells them what career to pursue or helps them win basketball and football games. So what's the big deal about Manti (especially when you compare her picture to the blue-eyed Jewish guy who has obviously been photo-shopped).

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January 28, 2013  10:06 AM ET

3.5 games out with 38 to play. It's not as dire as haters make it out to be.

But still it is pretty dire ... 8th seed gets you OKC in the first round and do you really think Lakers can replicate yesterday 4 out of 7? But yesteday was quite good. Kobe needs to keep it up .. it's not just the assists per se but what they do to activate the rest of the team. When LBJ was with the Cavs I always liked his low-point high assist games better for that reason.


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