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NCAA adjusting marijuana testing threshold


04:08 PM ET 01.30 | The NCAA is set to make a change to their drug testing procedures, specifically relating to their marijuana testing. The NCAA plans to reduce the testing threshold and the news rules will go in to motion in August. Previously, the marijuana threshold that triggered a positive test was fifteen nanograms per milliliter of blood. The new number will be to five nanograms. Changes in the thresholds are being made to more accurately determine marijuana usage among student-athletes. According to the Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sport, they will also be pushing for lesser punishments for positive marijuana tests because they do not consider the drug to be a performance enhancer. Punishment for a positive test is currently a full season, but the hope is to reduce the suspensions to half a season. "The CSMAS recommendations are a step forward in drug testing and education," said NCAA Chief Medical Officer Brian Hainline. There is no good scientific evidence that marijuana is a performance-enhancing drug, and it makes both scientific and philosophical sense to treat marijuana usage by student-athletes differently than anabolic-androgenic steroid use. We want to deter use, but it is also our moral responsibility to try to change the behavior of student-athletes who may be abusing street drugs such as marijuana." That change would not go into effect until 2014.

NCAA basketball center court, Joe Robbins/Getty Images NCAA basketball center court, Joe Robbins/Getty Images
January 30, 2013  11:23 PM ET

So now a player will test positive if they've kissed a girl that smoked a joint a month ago? Awesome. The NCAA really needs this new rule, because this IS the biggest problem facing America and its youth, right?

January 30, 2013  11:59 PM ET

"I also dont believe in drugs. For years I paid my people extra so they wouldn't do that kind of business.
Somebody comes to them and says,, I have powers; if you put up three, four thousand investment, we can make fifty thousand distributing.
So they cant resist.
I want to control it as a business,,, to keep it respectable.

I dont want it near schools!! I dont want it sold to children! Thats an infamia.
In my city, we would keep the traffic in the dark people, to the coloreds.

They're animals anyway,, so let them lose their souls".

Comment #3 has been removed
January 31, 2013  12:28 AM ET

You must be a booster of the Don Corleone School of Business, Van.

No, Don Zaluchi proposed such a network. Tattaglia is a pimp.

January 31, 2013  10:31 AM ET

just thu osmosis in the locker rooms, lus and tcu will have 50 positives

January 31, 2013  12:45 PM ET

So the NCAA will relax its standards on something that affects academic performance, while focusing on things that affect athletic performance. Aren't these guys supposed to be STUDENT athletes?

January 31, 2013  12:50 PM ET

I wonder if anyone at the NCAA is aware of the recent changes in the state laws of Colorado and Washington? LED lighting? Mobile Internet? Flush toilets?


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