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Raptors coach Dwane Casey fined $25,000


03:48 PM ET 02.02 | The NBA has fined Raptors head coach Dwane Casey $25,000 for criticizing officials during Thursday's loss against the Atlanta Hawks. During the fourth quarter of the game, the Hawks were up by 1 at a score of 93-94. Raptors' Alan Anderson missed a jumper, while forward DeMar DeRozan grabbed the missed shot for the rebound. DeRozan goes under the basket to make the shot but it appeared that Hawk's power forward, Al Horford, blocked DeRozan, making contact. A foul wasn't called, however Dwane Casey and the team wanted a foul. After a heated exchange with officials, no foul was called. This aggravated Casey even in the postgame conference.

Dwane Casey, Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images Dwane Casey, Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images
February 2, 2013  04:38 PM ET

Good thing Stich and Onion were'nt in attendance..........They would have gone off on the refs........

February 2, 2013  06:30 PM ET

What? No "sorry we **** over again" from the head offices. It would be nice to see a reffing crew fined for blowing a call that directly effects the outcome of a game. But that's now how Stern works. More like "Shut up, own you mo-fo's.

February 2, 2013  07:00 PM ET

DeRozen got mugged like he was walking through Compton

February 2, 2013  07:43 PM ET

A coach defending his player.. who got mugged on the play

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February 3, 2013  02:15 AM ET

1. The NBA is a joke
2. Good for u Casey, sticking up for your guy
3. The NBA is a joke

February 3, 2013  02:15 AM ET

it's really effed up. Mavs got jacked two games in a row in the end of games also. NBA said they effed up on the charging call on Mayo w/ 1.7 seconds left against the Blazers. It should have been a blocking call. Mavs should have won w/ 2 free throws. The Mavs got effed up again against the Warriors w/ 2 seconds remaining w/ them behind 96-97 and Brandan Wright getting fouled w/ no call. The 2 free throws would have put the Mavs by 1. Wright was clearly fouled when his forearm was hit by Bogut which resulted in Wright losing the ball... Watch Coach Carlisle get fine for $25k and Cuban for over $50k. WTF is wrong w/ that? These guys get fine but the officials really get away w/ murder...

I know your pain

February 3, 2013  02:15 AM ET

Memo from NBA headquarters.Mr Casey, DeMar DeRozen is not a superstar and therefore not eligible for foul calls even if there was a foul commited. Signed, David Stern.


February 3, 2013  05:08 AM ET

In a random way, this reminds me of all those athletes that had to put up with Marion Jones and Lance Armstrong for many years on end (to name a few). "Oh hey, we got it wrong, it took a while but, our bad...". *pat on the shoulder*

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February 3, 2013  07:24 AM ET

** Raptors **-----------------------TODAY IS THE Mighty Mighty Raptor's DAY.


Raptors by 10 over the Heat!

February 3, 2013  07:31 AM ET

Watch starting at 1:05 and tell me DeRozan wasn't mugged.

February 3, 2013  08:22 AM ET

A foul should have been called I agree.
Both my teams play today (heat vs raps)
I will get the popcorn and enjoy a good game, but I got the heat in this one.
On another note...I propose a 3 team trade: raptors,lakers,hawks....
Raptors recieve: Josh Smith & Ivan Johnson (from hawks),Lakers recieve Bargnani,Fields(from Toronto) & Kyle Korver(from ATL),hawks recieve Pau Gasol)from lakerland) & Klieza(from Toronto)

February 3, 2013  08:30 AM ET

Lowry,DD,Rudy G,Josh Smith,Gray=what a starting lineup!
Lucas,Ross,Anderson,Amir,Ivan,Valenciunas...that's a top 5 in the east team.

February 3, 2013  09:11 AM ET

That's The Price Of 'Freedom', Bro.

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February 3, 2013  10:07 AM ET

You suck, bro.We all appreciate the Raptors' long-awaited rise back to significance, but TODAY BELONGS TO THE 49ERS !!Can't you leave enough alone for ONE DAMN DAY ??!!

KaeperMICK by 7

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