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Vikings, Dolphins expect bidding war for Greg Jennings


05:43 PM ET 02.07 | The Vikings are the top choice, as they're the most familiar with Jennings and they have both the cash and the need to sign him. Miami is in a similar situation, and has the luxury of being a warm weather city to its advantage over Minnesota as well as being the home of Jennings' former offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. But while Miami is a warm weather stadium, Jennings would be guaranteed to be playing nine games a year inside of a dome stadium -- an environment in which he thrives. While Jennings won't command a top tier salary this offseason, both the Vikings and Dolphins are expected to get into a bidding war to acquire his services. Both Minnesota and Miami have young quarterbacks in desperate need of a veteran target and both have cash to throw around. Both are also expected to take wide receivers in this April's NFL Draft meaning whoever lands Jennings is going to have more than enough toys for their young quarterback to play with.


Greg Jennings , Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel Greg Jennings , Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel
February 7, 2013  09:59 PM ET

Jennings can still be a decent contributor.

February 7, 2013  10:13 PM ET

good addition for the vikes

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February 7, 2013  10:47 PM ET

Jennings would be guaranteed to be playing nine games a year inside of a dome stadium

This made me pause for a moment and then I figured the articles refers to the 8 home games in the Metro Dome and 1 road game at Ford Field each year.

February 8, 2013  07:01 AM ET

Not a smart move to leave a top passer, he should stay in Green Bay and play for less money, if he leaves he will catch a lot less passes!

February 8, 2013  07:22 AM ET

Bro.... Again.... What is with the Vikings obsession with ex-Packers ?

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February 8, 2013  11:24 AM ET

Bro.... Again.... What is with the Vikings obsession with ex-Packers ?

Good point. Some panned out (Sharper, Longwell), some didn't (Favre). Although it should be noted Washington took the largest prize ever from Green Bay (Lombardi).

February 8, 2013  04:27 PM ET

Noooooooooooooo .... we do not need a 29 year old WR in Minnesota. IF ... that's a big IF with this regime .... the Vikes sign a free agent WR, pay someone like Bowe who can stick around a few years. Big presence on the outside to stretch the field. The Vikes have a slew of WR options for the slot already.

February 8, 2013  05:12 PM ET

They have showed in the past that they are not willing to pay out long term big money contracts to free agents, but instead have gone for one year to mid range players. In this years draft they have nine picks, so they should be able to find some wide out help.

February 9, 2013  02:03 AM ET

will be interesting to see who Miami signs, will be one of these for sure, i would imagine, Bowe, Wallace, Jennings.

February 9, 2013  09:55 AM ET

Dan Snyder... get some Coaches over to look at this guy, and bring the check book.


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