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Should Jadeveon Clowney sit out 2013 season?


06:45 PM ET 02.11 | South Carolina Gamecocks star defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is one of the most dominating players and college football and a legitimate candidate for the 2013 Heisman Trophy. While it seems all but certain that Clowney will make the leap to the NFL after his junior campaign, how crazy would it be if the star defensive end decided not to play this season? It would certainly be interesting if Clowney decided to sit out the year and focus on staying healthy and training for the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine, but what would the reaction be from NFL personnel? Would he lose any standing among the scouts? It is highly unlikely. If Clowney played any other sport, he would have had the chance to go pro by now and he would be getting paid to live out his dream. Instead, he is forced to waste away at the college level for one more season playing for free. He won't get paid and the only thing that can happen is Clowney being injured and his future being in question. All Clowney would need to do is look to his former college teammate Marcus Lattimore and see how his college career ended.

Jadeveon Clowney, J. Meric/Getty Images Jadeveon Clowney, J. Meric/Getty Images
February 11, 2013  10:29 PM ET

Everyone should stop worshiping at the altar the media has erected for this guy. Yeah he looks like the real deal. Big deal. Let him prove it again.

February 11, 2013  10:43 PM ET

What an ridiculous proposition. What about his TEAM?!?! Should he sit out?! Only if he wants to be thought of as a selfish coward.

If he were to sit out the season, and he WON'T, he'd lose a TON of respect, and rightfully so.

February 11, 2013  11:24 PM ET

Another article by some person who has NEVER stepped foot on any sort of competitve field. Moron.

February 11, 2013  11:56 PM ET

Another article by some person who has NEVER stepped foot on any sort of competitve field. Moron.


When I read "...Clowney will be FORCED to play without compensation ... Clowney is being DENIED his chance to make a living right now ..." I laughed. No one is forcing him to do anything. This is boiler plate canned-phrase journalism. This idealistic crap has been teed up 1,000 times.

February 12, 2013  12:07 AM ET

So is Clowney considering sitting out this season? Or is this article written by a Tuscaloosa reporter? If there is such a thing.

February 12, 2013  01:05 AM ET

Clowney is not the first "phenom" to come out of high school. He is, however, the first "phenom" in a long time not to bust. He needs to prove it again as a Junior.

February 12, 2013  02:46 AM ET

Yea, I'm sure the NFL GMs will be damn impressed with another primaDonna that is only concerned with $ and not with his team. Here's a novel idea, stay in school, maximize the free education that you are getting and take out a Lloyd's of London Policy... and don't concern yourself with "potential" injuries just because Marcus Lattimore has bad knees.

February 12, 2013  07:05 AM ET

Play, or quit the game.

February 12, 2013  07:35 AM ET

Just another CLOWN in the SEC=== does this CLOWN actually attend classes??? Sounds like a true Rube...

February 12, 2013  08:08 AM ET

If he's playing in the SEC, he's not playing for free.

February 12, 2013  08:12 AM ET

Play and EARN YOUR SCHOLARSHIP, or quit the game.


February 12, 2013  08:13 AM ET

Lattimore could have been a high first round pick but now with that knee he'll be lucky to go in the third round. I would't hold it against Clowney to sit out and prepare for the NFL draft. He gotta do what's best for himself and his family while the iron is hot.


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