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Bills re-sign Tarvaris Jackson


06:20 PM ET 02.15 | Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix basically sold quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick out during the middle of the season by saying that he wasn't the guy for the future of the franchise and would be replaced in the offseason. Today, the Bills have re-signed Tarvaris Jackson. Jackson is a quarterback who is more of a career-backup guy than a future starter, but the signing of Jackson should signify that the Bills are most likely willing to move away from Fitzpatrick. New Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone, however, told the official site that he will be getting both Jackson and Fitzpatrick to compete for the starting job, "I spoke with Ryan (Fitzpatrick) and Tarvaris (Jackson) and told them we will have an open competition at the quarterback position -- similar to what we will do at all positions on our team heading into our offseason work. I believe that our players will embrace this challenge. We are looking forward to working with our players as we prepare for the 2013 season."

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Tarvaris Jackson, Jay Drowns/Getty Images Tarvaris Jackson, Jay Drowns/Getty Images
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February 15, 2013  10:28 PM ET

Fitzpatrick and Jackson competing for the starting QB job? The Bills must enjoy drafting in the top ten.

February 15, 2013  11:05 PM ET

Tarvaris is a turd.

Why must you inslut turds?

February 16, 2013  01:18 AM ET

"but the signing of Jackson should signify that the Bills are most likely willing to move away from Fitzpatrick"

Just how does it mean this? They had Jackson this past season and they didn't move away from Fitzpatrick. Jackson will be a 30 year old "never was" this coming season. Surely the Bills can't see him as their path to the playoffs.

February 16, 2013  07:23 AM ET

New Coach, New Hope the guys got to find out for himself, Who's Who and What's What!

February 16, 2013  10:27 AM ET

With these two guys in a "competition," they'd might as well play Crazy Eights to pick the starter.

February 16, 2013  11:31 AM ET

"Ryan Fitzpatrick is not our guy. We need a real quarterback to lead us into the future in Buffalo. And so it is with great pleasure that I introduce Tarvaris Jackson, the lousy but cheap quarterback who will make terrible decisions on the field next season while we pay more lip service to finding a real quarterback. Enjoy, Buffalo. Sincerely, the Management. PS - Some of you still haven't paid for your tickets for the 2013 season. Just sayin'."

February 16, 2013  11:48 AM ET

If Travaris could ever, ever learn to read defenses this guy could have been a Mike Vick. However, any defense on the move just screws his antennas all up. The reception gets a little fuzzy.

February 16, 2013  01:48 PM ET

TJ needs to think Chilly everyday he drafted him out of Alabama State and made him a rich man, because no one else had ever heard of him before.

February 16, 2013  01:50 PM ET

Jackson is a slimmed down version of JaMarcus Russell.
He has a big-time arm, but he can't can't hit a target - especially when he's on the run
He can't read a defense if his job depended on it.
He takes waaay too many sacks. Needs to throw the ball away more often - or run faster.
I think the game at the NFL level is just too fast for him to decipher and improvise like a good QB can.


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