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'Open warfare' waged among ex-Red Sox medical staff


10:17 AM ET 02.16 | Allegations that a former Boston Red Sox athletic trainer was illicitly injecting players with the legal pain-killer Toradol appear to be just the latest indicator of what one team source described as "open warfare" between various factions of the team's previous medical staff. The friction that existed for years between former medical director Dr. Thomas Gill and trainer Mike Reinold spilled over into the clubhouse, multiple sources told Reinold was originally hired as athletic trainer but was given expanded authority until his dismissal after last season. Players took sides not only on Toradol, but other issues. Outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury in 2010 publicly challenged Gill over what he contended was a botched diagnosis of his fractured ribs, while former Red Sox pitcher Jonathan Papelbon said he informed then-general manager Theo Epstein and then-manager Terry Francona he would no longer allow Reinold to work on him. "My thing is that [Reinold] thought he knew everything about everything," Papelbon said. "You couldn't tell him anything. I don't know of any players who thought he was a good trainer." Several players have told that they also refused treatment from Reinold.


Jacob Ellsbury, Elsa/Getty Images Jacob Ellsbury, Elsa/Getty Images
February 16, 2013  10:21 AM ET

Whether the front office, medical staff or players themselves, it's always something with this team.

February 16, 2013  10:29 AM ET

The ongoing soap opera continues...

February 16, 2013  10:40 AM ET

Oh those Rascally Red Socks!

February 16, 2013  10:51 AM ET

Whether the front office, medical staff or players themselves, it's always something with this team.

the red sox medical staff should have to be cleared and replaced from top to bottom,,unless the franchise would like to have more injuries to be able to use more secondary effects,or sideeffects from medications that unstead helping the players to get better, yet still hurting them in other parts of their internal system,bleeding internal is not a simple thing,the damage of the liver is not a simple thing,

February 16, 2013  10:55 AM ET

the medical staff should and most be a very profesionall as medical staff,but should they still prescribe the wrong medicine to players??in the long run somebody would be seriously harm i mean it can induce to a death,,,

February 16, 2013  10:55 AM ET

The ongoing soap opera continues...

but playing with somebody's life is not fun at all,,,,,

February 16, 2013  11:07 AM ET

the doctors would prescribe something THAT it should cure your illness,but those medications DO HAVE sideffects all of them DO, if the people things medication don't have secondary effects they are completely been mocked to said the least,the results are devastated at the end patients had died, all thanks to sideeffects from wrong medication aplyied without farther knowledge in terms of medicine,or medications!!!???!!

February 16, 2013  12:00 PM ET

It's like a needle in a Hay Stack!!!!!!

Comment #9 has been removed
February 16, 2013  12:37 PM ET

Oh those Rascally Red Socks!

Same SpellCheck used on the article about Youk. :-P

Gotta love the New England melodrama. Keeps their donut-eating sports writers employed.

February 16, 2013  01:43 PM ET

I don't think the sweat sox and the blowhards at espn can function without self annointed arrogance & drama

February 16, 2013  03:27 PM ET

they'll be fine- they have plenty of healing chemicals around to make everyone better

They got a teammate that's close buddies with A-Roid?

February 16, 2013  06:17 PM ET

Let's bring in an independent Arbitrator, How's Lance Armstrong?

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February 16, 2013  09:30 PM ET

Ells looks like he had a bad burrito for his pre game meal.

February 17, 2013  08:57 AM ET

Not a Curt Schilling fan but it has to make you wonder about the comments he made last week in regards to forcing him to use steroids. Based on this article, for the 1st time he just might have been telling the truth.

February 17, 2013  09:40 AM ET

wiseup: was the RedSox management aware this stuff was going on? If so, was it because a real medical staff would cost a whole lot more? How addictive is Toradol? Boston should fire medical staff. This might explain why RedSox had so many players on DL so much. What else were the medical staff injecting into these players? Is this going on with other teams? So many questions in search of answers. Questions the AMA and MLB should be asking.


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