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Michael Vick trying to mend fences after criticizing teammates


10:34 AM ET 02.17 | Michael Vick was holding a blue tarp full of all his belongings during his exit interview back in late December, the one in which he strongly criticized some of his teammates for their lack of effort through a demoralizing 4-12 campaign. His locker room was cleaned out, his patience had been sucked dry, and you got the definite sense that he was ready to put the Eagles in his rear view mirror. It felt like the end and sounded like the end, but it wasn't. Instead he is returning to the Eagles for another season, and must play with a lot of the same teammates that he was so frustrated with just a few weeks ago. He addressed that dynamic during an interview with 97.5 The Fanatic Saturday. "I talked to about 15, 16 of my teammates already," said Vick. "They know me as a person. They know me as a competitor. I wasn't pointing the finger at one person. It would have been easy to just point out one group of guys or a couple individuals who I thought could have played better, but I said that including myself."

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February 17, 2013  10:49 AM ET

What can he say to them? Hey, sorry about the true stuff I said. I won't say what I think anymore? Good, though, that he's aware some of the stink on that field came from him.

February 17, 2013  11:12 AM ET

I would not want to be him out there

February 17, 2013  11:13 AM ET

By the way, The Onion has covered Vick with its trademark "hilarious and not far from the truth" style of hard-hitting journalism. -season-i,31314/

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February 17, 2013  12:21 PM ET

I would not want to be him out there

I predict he gets the sack record if he doesn't get injured.

February 17, 2013  01:46 PM ET

RETREAT!! He should do one of those "Wanna get away?" commercials.

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February 17, 2013  02:47 PM ET

Stand up and take the heat!

February 17, 2013  02:48 PM ET

I would not want to be him out there

Yup....sometimes saying sorry is just not enough to appease resentment.

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February 17, 2013  03:57 PM ET

It really does matter much. Philly is irrelevant.

February 17, 2013  05:53 PM ET

He's got to be hoping that his offensive line doesn't hold a grudge.

February 17, 2013  06:01 PM ET

Man you just know an offensive lineman is going to blow a block in week 1, look down at Vick's crumpled carcass and say "sorry dude"!

February 17, 2013  06:34 PM ET

Everyone in Philadelphia knew it was Michael Vick's last season as an Eagle. He was a turnover machine and his teammates stopped believing in him. Yes, the offensive line was part of the problem but Nick Foles played behind those same five revolving doors. And with Foles on the field, the entire offense played better - and they closed out games like a team that still believed they had a chance.

Nick Foles had won the starting job.

The coaches knew it, the players knew it, the fans knew it, even Michael Vick knew it (which is why he ran his mouth - he knew he was done in Philadelphia).

The only person who doesn't know it is Chip Kelly.

I'm an Eagles fan but I have absolutely zero faith in Chip Kelly. The man is in over his head and the entire team is doomed to failure as long as he's part of the organization.

February 17, 2013  07:11 PM ET

"NFL: Michael Vick trying to mend fences ..."

I wonder, did any dogs managed to escape?

February 17, 2013  07:19 PM ET

Michael Vick is among the most overrated athletes of his generation. He has INVENTED new ways to suck as a QB, but has the audacity to criticize his teammates?!

Stay classy Mike.

February 17, 2013  07:24 PM ET

It's fairly obvious that several of the Eagles' players checked out early last season. Vick had/has the right to try motivating those guys.

The DB's, in particular, stopped trying at all towards the end of the year. They weren't trying to cover and they weren't trying to tackle. Yet they were getting compensated extremely well.

It's not rude of Vick to say that some folks could've given a bit more effort, especially considering that Vick has always taken a beating on the field.

Say what you want about Vick's shortcomings as a man or football player but the dude is willing to sacrifice a lot for his team. Some of his teammates can't say the same.

February 17, 2013  07:25 PM ET

Michael Vick is among the most overrated athletes of his generation. He has INVENTED new ways to suck as a QB, but has the audacity to criticize his teammates?!Stay classy Mike.

I disagree with your perspective whole heartedly, and that's coming from a fellow FSU fan.

February 17, 2013  07:47 PM ET

Vick has no reason to make up with anybody. He's just a tool hanging on and getting paid. He might realize that he doesn't want to be broke a few years after playing, so he's hopefully saving some money. In the end, it won't matter, Vick is a shell of what he once was, has no class, dignity, friends (not posse, "friends") or a future. His post NFL life includes No endorsements, speaking engagements, coaching, announcing, or any professional activity. Likely, he'll return to the hood where he grew up, make lots of babies with lots of baby mammas, involve himself in criminal activity, such as dogfighting, and look forward to more time in prison. He'll be broke, friendless, destitute and irrelevant very soon after playing his last game. Basically for anyone in society with any class at all, he's already completely, 100% irrelevant. Just a sad pitiful guy who is little more than a low class hood.

February 17, 2013  07:51 PM ET

Likely, he'll return to the hood where he grew up, make lots of babies with lots of baby mammas

I'd love to know the basis behind this assumption.


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