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Te'o, Steelers may be perfect couple


08:02 AM ET 02.18 | As the Steelers look toward a possible makeover on defense, it could begin with a new face. He fits one of their biggest needs. And he could be available at No. 17 when the Steelers make their first-round draft pick on April 25. If only there wasn't the asterisk beside the name of Manti Te'o that, in the aftermath of the recent revelation that the girlfriend he talked about for months was fictional, has raised considerable questions about the Notre Dame linebacker's previously unquestioned character and judgment. How well -- or how poorly -- Te'o begins to erase that asterisk will be one of the most-watched stories at the NFL Scouting Combine that begins this week in Indianapolis. And, no doubt, the Steelers will be among those watching.

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Manti Te'o, Icon Sports Manti Te'o, Icon Sports
February 18, 2013  08:11 AM ET

This guy gives a whole new meaning to Fantasy Football.

February 18, 2013  08:26 AM ET

He'd be a "steal" at 17 but I doubt he'll still be available.

February 18, 2013  08:29 AM ET

Who cares if he has an internet girlfriend? "Sack quarterback, get check" That's all he needs to remember

February 18, 2013  08:32 AM ET

I'd think this whole fantasy girlfriend thing is going to push this guys' piss off meter through the roof. He's gonna play with a bad attitude for a long while...that's not a bad thing.

February 18, 2013  08:37 AM ET

Like the writer states, he is no Patrick Willis. I think his poor play in that Alabama game hurt him more than any girlfriend bruha. He may well still be there if they like him that much. But really, isn't offense a bigger problem in the Steel town?

February 18, 2013  08:59 AM ET

I think Te'o should play for Los Angeles. Then he can play for an imaginary team in front of his imaginary girlfriend.

February 18, 2013  09:02 AM ET

Don't know about Manti , but his mom looks like she could play nose tackle in a 3-4 defense. She is a two gapper.

February 18, 2013  09:24 AM ET

Be a good acquisition for the Steelers. maybe Manti could introduce Ben to some new friends. Likely keep him out of bars in college towns?

February 18, 2013  09:50 AM ET

The kid got caught with his pants down, because he wanted The Heisman, it's hard to judge just how good he is because he played at ND and got a lot of hype. He looks to me and I don't know that much, like a better than average player and I don't know if he's a first round pick, that being said he did play his butt off during the season hitting a lot of guys, but look confused and played like an undersized LB against Alabama!!!

February 18, 2013  09:53 AM ET

Don't know if he has the all-around gifts to be an NFL impact player. Has the engine, but I believe he has the overall speed to get to the QB or cover NFL tight ends.

February 18, 2013  09:53 AM ET

... but look confused and played like an undersized LB against Alabama!!!

I'd be a lot more concerned about that than any imaginary girlfriend. That Alabama game was his first, real audition for playing in an NFL type game and he flat out got whupped.

February 18, 2013  09:54 AM ET

Meant***"don't believe"

Comment #13 has been removed
February 18, 2013  10:11 AM ET

Teo's problem is the tape against Alabama. He looked like he was a D II player and if he runs the 40 over 4.8 he'll probably drop way down.

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February 18, 2013  10:46 AM ET

Ray Lewis is involved with 2 murders and this guy gets greef over a fantasy girlfriend

February 18, 2013  10:52 AM ET

All I know is if I'm this particular kid I don't believe any GM or Coach who says they just drafted me until they show up and tell me in person.

February 18, 2013  11:07 AM ET

Being a nd-steeler fan I say. NO WAY!!! Misses way to many tackles and has problems with big lineman (ie Alabama).

February 18, 2013  11:14 AM ET

Here's a guy with questionable character and intelligence... The kid actually help keep the "dead girlfriend" story alive. All it would have taken was a simple quote saying he got duped by a "friend" and this story would have lasted all of 5 minutes instead of five months.

Why does everyone think so highly of this kid?

His performance against Alabama also raised some major questions about his talent level. Against an elite college team he looked sluggish and got beat like a drum all night long. Now ramp that up to NFL caliber talent. This kid has 1st round bust written all over him...

February 18, 2013  11:35 AM ET

umm,....i think ben's all settled down with a wife and baby now.

Slapshot was dropped a lot as a kid, his comments have little relevance..........


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