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Derrick Rose goes 5-on-5 in Bulls practice


07:08 PM ET 02.18 | Famed Chicago Bulls point guard, Derrick Rose, is making progress on his return to the playing field as we now get reports that Rose participated in 5-on-5 drills for what is believed to be the first time this season. This is great news. While everyone is anticipating his return to the court, Rose is taking it one step at a time, day by day and that's all we can ask for. Rose is being cautious and even said earlier last week that he won't return until he is exactly 110 percent ready to go. While everyone may be impatience and just want him to rush back on the court, I completely stand by Rose's decision. He's just taking extra measure because he doesn't want to suffer another injury of the like. Rose also said he may miss the remainder of the season. If he doesn't play this season, I won't be disappointed at all. Anyone who's been through a serious injury knows where he's coming from. If Rose needs to miss the final two months, then I say he should. Nobody wants him to come back too fast and possibly re-injure himself again.

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Derrick Rose, Getty Images/Gary Dineen Derrick Rose, Getty Images/Gary Dineen
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February 19, 2013  02:04 AM ET

Stretch and test it out. I don't think he will be the same until next season but they can use another shooter.

February 19, 2013  02:08 AM ET

With 2 months left in the season I would recommend that he call it a year and focus on strengthening and conditioning.

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February 19, 2013  08:15 AM ET

Adrien Peterson came back much sooner than Rose after a similar career threatening knee injury and was NFL MVP. I think Rose is being too cautious. You can never guarantee another injury won't happen.

There is also significantly more cutting and lateral movement required of a point guard. AP was still breaking up scar tissue in his knee during the year. There is a reason for the wait, and newsflash, the sports are very different. Rose puts unbelievable torque on his body every play. Yet again, you have no clue what you are talking about.

February 19, 2013  08:16 AM ET

Now that that's done, he should take his time. The Bulls don't have the players to win this year whether or not he comes back so what's the point?

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February 19, 2013  09:06 AM ET

Are We Still Talking About Practice, Bro?

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February 19, 2013  09:46 AM ET

A healthy Rose

I just don't see it.

February 19, 2013  10:04 AM ET

Come back or don't **** about it already

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