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Leadership void in Anaheim


08:06 AM ET 02.20 | Torii Hunter answered a lot of questions during his time in Anaheim. When a young player needed some guidance, there was Torii Hunter. When something needed to be said to the group, there was Torii Hunter. ... "Anytime you lose someone of that character and leadership, it changes the dynamic," Chris Iannetta said. "But it gives other guys the opportunity to step up and be a leader. Someone always emerges to be that guy. I'm curious to see who it will be this year. It might be someone who surprises you." One of the players who looks like an early candidate is Josh Hamilton. The Angels picked up Hamilton for his on-field tools, but he also seems to have a more outgoing personality than Albert Pujols, Trout or Weaver, the team's other star players.

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Josh Hamilton, Icon Sports Josh Hamilton, Icon Sports
February 20, 2013  08:15 AM ET

And, what did they win with Torii Hunter? Don't get me wrong. I think Hunter is a good guy and a good player, but 'leadership' is overrated. If the Angels win, which IMHO, they will, no one will notice the so-called vacuum in leadership.

I see the Angels as the team to beat in the AL.

February 20, 2013  09:35 AM ET

Josh will be a wonderful leader for the Angels... ans so will Katie.

<I so hope this hapoens...>

February 20, 2013  10:14 AM ET

The only way to lead a Team, as a pitcher, Bob Gibson or as a Hitter, Babe Ruth!!!

February 20, 2013  10:22 AM ET

Im with you Otis. Its hard to lead when you miss games because of mysterious ailments.

February 20, 2013  11:46 AM ET

I love how fans who've never been in a Major League Baseball locker room will claim that chemistry and leadership are overrated. Yet many players will tell you quite the opposite. But the fans must be right, right?

February 20, 2013  11:51 AM ET

Good luck, Anaheim. Your new leader is a guy who can't even lead his own life without a "life coach" to keep him from throwing it all away.

February 20, 2013  01:06 PM ET

the leader should step in and could be either weaver/trout/or callaspo??pujols doesn't seems as a leader in his team,,,

February 20, 2013  01:10 PM ET

I see the Angels as the team to beat in the AL

same thing everybody thought last year about the halos except,,,,they failed miserable/couldn't hit couldn't pitch couldn't field,,and what didn't went wrong in anaheim???
the fans were able to fired their hitting coach and the pitching coach was in hot water for awhile,,,

February 20, 2013  01:11 PM ET

And, what did they win with Torii Hunter?

the halos would need more discipline at the plate,regardless of who its pitching to them,,,,agressive approach and hard discipline is a most!!!

February 20, 2013  01:13 PM ET

if the hitting coach does a good job in the hitting box/if the pitching coach stop been soo passive in his bullpen sessions??things could look mighty bright!!!

February 20, 2013  01:14 PM ET

mike sciocia could be under the heat all year long,,,,,it all depends how things develope in anaheim!!!!

February 20, 2013  01:43 PM ET

Hamilton will lead if he does not lose his shades, drink to many energy drinks, beers or decides to stop / start smokeless tobacco. Hamilton as a leader is the best news the A', Rangers or Mariners could hear.

February 20, 2013  03:22 PM ET

Whatever happened to leading by example?

February 20, 2013  04:03 PM ET

Whatever happened to leading by example?

in the angels organization,,hard to tell WHO could replace hunter by any means,,,,

February 20, 2013  04:04 PM ET

should MARK TRUMBO take over this franchise as a leader??,,,.//./.

February 20, 2013  04:05 PM ET

I guess Al is not getting paid enough to be a leader in Anaheim.

February 20, 2013  04:38 PM ET

"If you hide the drugs in your underwear..."
-Hamilton to new team

February 20, 2013  05:39 PM ET

I guess Al is not getting paid enough to be a leader in Anaheim.

I like where you went here...

February 20, 2013  07:45 PM ET

This team needs a hammer. Someone to control the locker room. Be a hard ****. The Angels best years were when they had Percival and Darin Erstad as their locker room tough guys. They provided tough leadership when they needed it most.

Vlad and Torii lead, but wanted to be liked more than feared.

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