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Dodgers concerned Ramirez's D falls short?


06:01 AM ET 02.21 | Advanced metrics aside, the Dodgers want Hanley Ramirez to be their everyday shortstop. "Hanley can do this," Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said during the first week of camp. "We're not asking him to be Omar Vizquel. We're not asking him to be Ozzie Smith. We're asking him to catch the balls he's supposed to catch, make the plays he's supposed to make, turn the double plays he's supposed to turn." Statistically speaking, that has been too much to ask of Ramirez for most of his career. ... "If he'll go to work, he'll be fine," Mattingly has said more than once this spring. Hanging in the air unspoken is Ramirez's reputation in Florida for being less than engaged at times, particularly on defense.

The Orange County Register

Hanley Ramirez, Icon Sports Hanley Ramirez, Icon Sports
February 21, 2013  09:28 AM ET

This won't end well.

February 21, 2013  09:30 AM ET

This won't end well.

But it will be fun to watch.

February 21, 2013  09:39 AM ET

It will be interesting if the Dodgers can pull of an Al Davis by winning with a group of bad boy malcontents.

February 21, 2013  09:40 AM ET

*pull off an Al Davis

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February 21, 2013  10:13 AM ET

Maybe some professional pride will kick in?????

February 21, 2013  10:15 AM ET

The Red Sox knew that this kid was likely to be an all bat/no glove player and that combined with his general crappy attitude made it very easy for them to trade what many considered their next Nomar.

They were smart to get rid of him when his value was very good and he was young enough for people to think they could change him. He ain't changing though and may not until his job is threatened.

February 21, 2013  10:56 AM ET

You are not going to change what he is now, almost 30.

February 21, 2013  11:32 AM ET

Then why did the trade for him!

February 21, 2013  11:32 AM ET

Then why did the trade for him!

They knew all this when the trade was made!!!

February 21, 2013  01:22 PM ET

The headline should read: The Dodgers Concerned Their Entire Team Falls Short.

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February 21, 2013  02:12 PM ET

But it will be fun to watch.

::cue circus music::

February 21, 2013  06:36 PM ET

But it will be fun to watch.

it won't be fun for ramirez at all,should his deffense falls in decline???

February 21, 2013  06:38 PM ET

The headline should read: The Dodgers Concerned Their Entire Team Falls Short.

the heavy responsability falls,,know who???the manager matingly,and if dodgers fail to win their pennant and the world series,,,,dodgers manager could be going back to new york,,,,

February 21, 2013  07:00 PM ET

wiseup: Ramierez played SS fors years with the Marlins. When he was traded to Dodgers he was upset because the Dodgers moved him moved him to 3B. Now they want him to move back to SS he seems to be upset. Seems he can't make up his mind. If the Dodgers were to move ramierez to the bench for a while, he might decide that a move back to SS would not be that big of a deal.

February 21, 2013  07:08 PM ET

wiseup: With all the money spent on this years roster, The Dodgers expectation of Mattingly is simple. WIN !!! anything short of this will be unacceptable.

February 21, 2013  08:44 PM ET

"Disengaged in the dugout???

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February 22, 2013  10:16 AM ET

wiseup:If they don't already have one in theirfarm system one of their next deals should be to aquire a good young SS selling him to club as a year away or maybe a Sept call up.This might motivate Rameirez. If it doesn't bench him a few games, and play Dee Gordon at SS. If gordon does well, leave Ramierez on bench. If ramierez starts if game is close pull rameirez and put Gordon in for defense


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