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Cowboys, Tony Romo open contract talks


02:46 PM ET 02.21 | The Dallas Cowboys might be an 8-8 team over the last two seasons, but they want their quarterback around for a few more years. Cowboys VP Stephen Jones said Wednesday the team and Tony Romo have begun discussing a contract extension, according to CBS Dallas. Romo is entering the final year of a six-year, $67.5 million contract he signed before the 2008 season. The ninth-year quarterback out of Eastern Illinois is set to make $16.8 million this year -- his highest cap hit to date. He'll be the highest-paid player in 2013 on a team looking to shed salary.

CBS Dallas

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February 21, 2013  04:32 PM ET

Yeah, mistake. He's been around nine years and he's still struggling with some fundamental aspects of the game. Mostly it makes him inconsistent.

February 21, 2013  05:21 PM ET

This is a BIG Mistake.<Quarter to Arnold>

Youre just mad that the Raiders cant grab him to replace that ragarm Palmer.

February 21, 2013  06:32 PM ET

Sign him for 100 years please! Thank you.

February 21, 2013  06:37 PM ET

It doesn't really mater who is the Dallas QB as long as General Jerry is in charge the Boys will be just the Boys.

February 21, 2013  08:19 PM ET

Sign him!!!!! That will keep the Cowboys out of contention for awhile....

February 21, 2013  09:35 PM ET

Tony Romo is just like Bridget Moynahan. Pretty but just not quite Gisele. He'll make you think he's gonna be the one...but he just won't get it done.

February 22, 2013  10:30 AM ET

think his playoff record and his elimination game record (1-6) speaks for itself. romo is way better than the quincys and hutchensons we've had in the past, but he's miles from leading this team deep into post season play.

the sad thing is many cowboy fans have forgotten what a real QB looks like in dallas and still embrace romo as a top QB in this league. romo is a gifted athlete, but he lacks the mental capacity to grind out wins in critical games. what's worse is in these "win or go home games" he typically chokes so badly you almost feel sorry for him.

if i were romo i'd play out my existing contract in dallas and bail. it would be the best thing for him and the cowboys. i honestly believe he'd have more success with another team. but i'm sure JJ will give him another 4 yrs in dallas and he will retire here.

March 4, 2013  07:42 PM ET

Romo is a loser when it comes time to put up a win. The Cowboys are just not smart to keep on letting him lose games for them and us the fans. It makes me sick to see the same old thing every year. Romo gets that weird look about him like he knows what's coming, but just can't stop it. It's like he subconsciencly has to or wants to lose. Then he goes on and feels sorry for himself and wants everyone else to feel sorry for him. He might be able to overcome his psychological problems with some deep professional help, but even then I doubt it.


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