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Knicks tiring of J.R. Smith's antics


06:36 AM ET 02.22 | J.R. Smith's act is starting to wear thin on the Knicks' coaching staff. Coach Mike Woodson, Smith's most ardent supporter, ripped his sixth man and the club in general for losing their composure in Wednesday's 125-91 disgraceful loss to the Pacers. Smith attempted to bait Indiana's Lance Stephenson into a fight at the end of the first half, jawing at him as the seconds ticked down. Smith continued his harangue and Stephenson finally answered back with the two players drawing double technicals. Smith then got ejected in the third quarter after committing an offensive foul against Stephenson. He made a remark to the official and made a gesture with his hand. Replays were inconclusive as to whether or not Smith had given the middle finger.

New York Post

J.R. Smith, Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images J.R. Smith, Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images
February 22, 2013  06:43 AM ET

Chikdren will be children.........

Immature spoiled brats will be immature spoiled brats.

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February 22, 2013  07:29 AM ET

Is jgb listening somewhere? We all know we don't like "I told you so". But....

February 22, 2013  07:32 AM ET

Just look at that stance, "Thank goodness. Now I can go home and get on FanNation."

February 22, 2013  08:07 AM ET

JGB is gonna snipe this guy soon.

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February 22, 2013  08:15 AM ET

Smith is being made a scape goat here. The guys doesn't even start. The real problem is that group of starters Woodson puts on the floor is not a cohesive unit. Here's the problem.

Point guard - Raymond Felton has good size, good floor vision, defends well and keeps the offense efficient with a good pace and flow of game.

Shooting Guard - Jason Kidd. He's undersized, too old, too slow, can't stay in front of the super quick guards of this league - defensive liability. Distributes the ball well and hits the occasional three pointer but his age has caught up to him. A 40 year old should be a starting shooting guard period! He will be better off comin from the bench.

Small Forward - Iman Shumpert. He's undersized; can't stay in front of any guard. Chokes the offense with his bad shot selection, horrible shooting percentage and stop and pop game. In order words he's not the type to pick his spots to get easy baskets or play within the flow of the offense. Makes offense stagnant and doesnt have the athletic superiority that made him a defensive presence. HE'S A LIABILITY ON BOTH ENDS OF THE COURT for a starter

Power Forward - Carmelo Anthony. He's undersized at the 4 spot but more than makes up for it with the presence of Chandler, ball movement and inability of opposing power forwards to keep up with him. He's solid at the four.

Center - Chandler. That's probably the one position with no question marks. He's got the size; plays smart solid basketball.

1. Get shumpert out of the starting unit. Start White at the 3 spot.
2. Take Jason Kidd out of the starting line up. Move Shumpert to the 2 spot and keep White at 3.

I prefer solution number 1 but since coach is scared of Shumpert it may be the best alternative. Copeland and JR are great scorers but their style of play does not help in setting the tone of the game.

The reason we've been losing a lot since Shumpert got back is because his style of play on offense is monotonous and doesn't have the speed and strength to make up for it on the defensive end anymore... Take him out coach. One of the characteristics of a great man is not be afraid to recognize his own mistakes and fix it for the greater good....

Miami for life :)

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February 22, 2013  08:21 AM ET

did they think he was a changed man?

The real problem is Shump. You start him, team falls behind early; the game becomes a struggle and the players get frustrated. If you look at the Indiana game it wasn't just JR that acted up. Chandler, Melo, STAT, Felton... they all lost their cool at some point.

This is a direct result of the inabilit of the starting unit to keep up with the opponents starters on both ends of the court.

We have players that can form a strong cohesive starting unit. If coach can't use his tools properly Phil Jackson is still unemployed... this is New York. We don't have patience for experiments...

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