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Nick Buoniconti pleads with Dolphins to draft Notre Dame TE


07:07 AM ET 02.22 | As the Dolphins continue their elusive search for a high-impact stretch-the-field tight end, general manager Jeff Ireland keeps defending the maligned player he drafted; several intriguing veterans approach free agency; and Hall of Famer Nick Buoniconti is making an impassioned plea for Miami to follow his advice on the issue. "There's one guy that can change this offense and that's Tyler Eifert," Buoniconti, a Notre Dame alum, said of the 6-6 Fighting Irish tight end and former receiver. "But I'm not sure the Dolphins have the vision to get him," Buoniconti said. ???If he stays healthy, he will re-write the tight end record books. He's that good. If the Dolphins had any sense of wanting to improve the team down the middle and open it up for other receivers, this is the guy. He's a gem. "I'm sure he doesn't fit the mold for the Dolphins. He's too good." Some draft analysts consider Miami's 12th pick high for Eifert, but Buoniconti said he's worthy of a top-10 selection. He's also an option if Miami trades down.

Miami Herald

Tyler Eifert, Jonathan Daniels/Getty Images Tyler Eifert, Jonathan Daniels/Getty Images
February 22, 2013  08:15 AM ET

Garo Yepremian is urging the Dolphins to draft that kicker chick. Even though he's mad because she says he throws like a girl.

February 22, 2013  08:28 AM ET

"I'm sure he doesn't fit the mold for the Dolphins. He's too good."

You sure that was Nick Buoniconti and not Yogi Berra?

February 22, 2013  08:54 AM ET

Garo Yepremian is urging the Dolphins to draft that kicker chick. Even though he's mad because she says he throws like a girl.

Excellent! I still remember that throw.

February 22, 2013  09:12 AM ET

Sounds like ole Nick is playing truth or dare with the Dolphins much maligned GM.

February 22, 2013  09:43 AM ET

The Phins need a lot more than this TE.

They need to take that 44m in cap room and sign some guys...especially on offense.

Getting a Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings would help them immensely.

February 22, 2013  09:50 AM ET

The Packers will trade Jermichael Finley to the Phins for Larry Csonka. Finley can stretch the field as long as actually catching the ball isn't a requirement. And Csonka is still a better RB option than anyone currently on the Packer roster. Win-win.

February 22, 2013  10:40 AM ET

Excellent! I still remember that throw.

Is that what he was trying to do? Throw? All these years I thought he just had a seizure.

February 22, 2013  01:38 PM ET

Keep The Alumni behind the Ropes!!! They will destroy what any coach puts together!

February 22, 2013  01:50 PM ET

Fortunately for the Dolphins, Buoniconti doesn't draft for the team. Why pick a late first/early second rounder first and have to pay him 11th pick money?
Even if they wanted him (I don't even think he's the best TE in the draft), they have 2 second round picks and could easily make a deal to move up.

With all the DE's and DT's that are clear early 1st rounders this year...there is no way in the world the Dolphins are going to pick a TE in a draft weak at that position.

Is this kid related to Buoniconti or something...or let me guess...he went to Notre Dame...


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