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Ian Kinsler promises new approach after subpar 2012


07:10 AM ET 02.25 | To be sure, 2012 was a subpar year for Kinsler -- based on his own career standards -- regardless of the metric used. He had a career low on-base percentage, perhaps the single-most important statistic for a leadoff hitter. He hit 19 homers and stole 21 bases, both decent numbers for a leadoff hitter, but a far cry from Kinsler's two 30-30 seasons. His walks went down, and his strikeouts went way up. There were some issues. "I had a lot of different things that I wanted to change," Kinsler said. "But after getting away for a while and searching through things, you realize what's realistic and what isn't. I wanted to change eight or nine things about my game. In reality, there are maybe two or three changes you can make. "Physically changing my swing dramatically wasn't happening. Can I flatten it out a little? Yes. And I can keep working on that. But the big change has to be mental; probably 95 percent of it is mental. I have to have a better approach." What's it mean? It means that at age 30, Kinsler may have finally learned himself. He is who he is. He will pop up more than most players. He will occasionally flip a bat in disgust. He may jog to first base on some routine ground balls. Kinsler said he ultimately came to this rather simple explanation about what he wanted to change for 2013: He wants to have "quality at-bats." "I don't have to prove anything to everyone else, but this year I have to prove it to me," Kinsler said. "This year, I've got to make sure I use every day the best I can to get prepared."

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Ian Kinsler, Christian Petersen/Getty Images Ian Kinsler, Christian Petersen/Getty Images
February 25, 2013  08:06 AM ET

Just cut down on the bonehead mistakes, Bro... because without them you are one hell of a player!

February 25, 2013  11:59 AM ET

can't eat and drink at the same time,,,,you may choke,,best thing to do??one step at the time before running learn how to walk,,you have the talent but you still wanted to do everything at the same time,,no can do!!!

February 25, 2013  12:00 PM ET

rangers are going to be just fine/they have their best pitching at glance and the offense will step up soon very soon!!!

February 25, 2013  12:12 PM ET

and kyle LOHSE still waiting on the rangers?or yankees?pirates perhaps??somebody,,anybody,,,,
as long KYLE get of the market,,,,things would become normal again!!

February 25, 2013  12:14 PM ET

the rangers are working hard really hard in,,,their pitching/deffense/hitting/and offense/because there appears to be a very competetive group in their division,,wait, nobody expect the astros be a contenders do they?? but who knows? they may give a big fight in their new division though!!!

February 25, 2013  12:15 PM ET

the rangers would be very agressive at mid-season,deadline will be there and rangers would likely get some big trades done!!!

February 25, 2013  12:17 PM ET

texas appears to been interested in david price and clayton kershaw, but who should they really get first??after all pitching is very important on any team!!!

February 26, 2013  01:05 PM ET

texas appears to been interested in david price and clayton kershaw, but who should they really get first??after all pitching is very important on any team!!!

Really? Pitching is important? On any team you say? Whew...thanks for clarifying

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