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Should Amar'e get more minutes?


03:50 PM ET 02.25 | Amare Stoudemire refuses to push for starting minutes. Since returning from a knee injury, he's been a more efficient player than in any of his past seasons, and he's maintained that he's fine with coming off the bench so long as the Knicks are winning. And with Carmelo Anthony leading New York, there doesn't seem to be a reason for coach Mike Woodson to tinker with the rotations or the chemistry. With New York posting a 33-20 record so far though, it's a wonder if Stoudemire can grow into a bigger role. After a season-high 22-point game on 9-of-10 shooting in a 99-93 win against the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday, it's a legitimate question to ask. That of course hinges on how Stoudemire and Anthony can fit together on the court. On Sunday, the answer to that was quite well. "They played great together tonight," Knicks point guard Raymond Felton told Yahoo! Sports. "That is what they're capable of, and this is the beginning."

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February 25, 2013  05:03 PM ET

If he is more productive than the starter than of course.

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February 26, 2013  07:46 AM ET

he's been crazy efficient.....especially if you look at melo and jr's shooting %yuck

Amare is a walking injury so we need to be patient and not get carried away with him. Limiting him to 30 minutes in a starting or bench role is the way to go.

The real problem is Shumpert. When he's on the floor the team suffers on both ends of the court. He doesn't play well or defend well either with a freakin .31 shooting percentage.

His performance and effect on the team is very clear to everyone that's affiliated Knicks basketball except coach Woodson. One of these has to be the reason why he keeps starting and giving Shump major minutes:

1. Coach doesn't have the faculty to understand line up chemistry.
2. He is sleeping with Shumpert

If he was any good he'd be working on establishing STAT and Melo or sticking with a line up and rotation that works efficiently. Let's face it if he keeps starting Shumpert we won't be able to keep up Golden State and so for the game on Sunday against Miami, we'll get blown out.

The only reason we beat Philly is because they were had played the previous night. Even with that Shump had to be out of the game for the team to rally and establish the big gap.

Watch Shump, he looks lost on both ends of the court. He has a long way to go! He's sure not ready for primetime but the coach thinks otherwise... that's why it's a lost season with Shump getting heavy minutes...

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February 26, 2013  09:44 AM ET

Minutes Are Earned And Not Given, Bro.

February 26, 2013  11:31 AM ET

.... Lovenatics being Lovematized by Love equals Statnatics being Statmatized by Stat

Apple you are the Daryl Dawkins of fannation Lovematized.. lol.. Amare minutes will be limited until playoffs. He is injury prone so he must be protected against himself so the Knicks get something out of him in the playoffs where the wins will really matter.

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February 26, 2013  02:21 PM ET

woody had them playing great D early on...dont know what happened to it , but they are capable I think of getting back to at least competant D

I agree. I remember when they were playing very good rotation & team defense early in the year beating the Heat, Nets ... and some others. I also remember games when Melo played nice D at various times the last few years. (like against the Heat a few times) I think it shows that Melo can do it. I think a lot of Knicks defense depends on focus & effort.

February 26, 2013  02:31 PM ET

Excuse me Meat, anytime Stat is on the floor the Knicks have the worst defense in the league. AND git this, any time there is that seemingly deadly combination of him and Novak on the floor, the Knicks then have one of the most non lethalmonatic defense in the history of the NBA. You then have a "Power Forward" and a "Small Forward" who plays absolutely zero defense and rebounds seems non existent as well. They'll simply combine for 32 minutes, zero blocks, zero steals, zero assist, 4 rebounds(all by Stat) and 4 touch personal fouls that includes an and one. This kinda production is just absolutely disgraceful! Apple and I'm out!

I think Nash & Jamison are worse.


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