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Shaky springs for pair of Braves aces


08:13 AM ET 03.01 | For now, time remains on Atlanta's side. The calendar is just turning to March so Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez can shrug off the incongruity between the high expectations and shaky results for pitchers Paul Maholm and Craig Kimbrel. "I just see spring training," Gonzalez said after the Phillies got to two of his more consistent pitchers in a 10-5 victory Thursday. "For me, I want to see these guys keep getting better and keep getting sharper as spring progresses." Kimbrel had his second consecutive sub par outing, at least by his standards. He was fifth in voting for the National League Cy Young Award after in 2012 after he converted 42 of 45 save chances with 116 strikeouts and a 1.01 ERA.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Craig Kimbrel, Getty Images Craig Kimbrel, Getty Images
March 1, 2013  11:33 AM ET

the pitchers are too rusty at this time in spring training, lets give them another month or so and these pitchers would likely turn things around for the better in the braves favor,,,

March 1, 2013  11:34 AM ET

their bullpen should get more stronger than last year though,,,,,

March 1, 2013  11:39 AM ET

the spring training has one solo purpose, to prepare all the players to a better baseball game level,should the pitchers still fail and had the unability to throw conssistent strikes?? likely those pitchers could be dealing with a old injuried!!!

March 1, 2013  11:42 AM ET

the angels had been playing with all single A and AAA players,i guess the halos regular players are more than ready to play in the regular season,,,but who is going to believe them???
the way things had gone in the halos spring training, that the only who's mocking in there is their own image!!

March 1, 2013  11:44 AM ET

i8 won't be surprised at all IF, the angels start another mediocre season,,,let say another 6 and 18 loses in the first month of the season???

March 1, 2013  11:44 AM ET



March 1, 2013  11:46 AM ET

the royals and the blue jays haven't dissappointed nobody,,,,both clubs had played with much higher expectations,when you play with such intensity things could get more interested in the regular season,,,no kidding!!!

March 1, 2013  11:47 AM ET

the astros had played better than the halos,,can you believed that??i mean comon,,,

March 1, 2013  11:48 AM ET

the marlins had played much better than the angels, and they still playing with a very low payroll,,,

March 1, 2013  11:49 AM ET

the angels are expecting to use jerome williams as,,their fifth pitcher in the halos rotation, but there is very little promise from williams though,,,

March 1, 2013  11:52 AM ET

what it gets me is,,,the angels would be mad and offline thanks to all their regulars been unable to hit the ball and a lack in the ability to drive runs in the regular season, but WHO do you blame??playing with minor leaguers in their spring training it shows halos do not have any gram of respect for the regular season though,,,

March 1, 2013  12:07 PM ET

spring training should be used to, adjust their lineup/fix and correct any errors or mistakes/test every starter in the best way possible/bring in your best hitters into the game to increase hands on and timming at the plate/ get those catchers workout untill they feel falling apart,,

March 1, 2013  07:50 PM ET

wiseup: Spring season is only a week old. most teams are playing triple A and double A. Some starting players and pitchers get a few iningsand then pulled for minor leaguers and invitees. It's a little early to get too concerned.

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March 2, 2013  10:44 PM ET

Its been a week. Time to panic!

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March 3, 2013  06:17 PM ET

Paul Maholm and Craig Kimbrel are on PEDS.

Who isn't?

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