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Jets close to deal with David Garrard


01:53 PM ET 03.01 | Veteran quarterback David Garrard "anticipates putting a deal together" with the New York Jets once the team can work through some salary-cap issues, a source close to the situation tells ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. "Both sides are feeling good about a possible deal," the source said. A source familiar with the situation said he sees a deal between the Jets and Garrard as likely. By releasing Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, Eric Smith and Jason Smith earlier this offseason, the Jets created $30.7 million in cap relief. The team is roughly $8 million under the cap. Garrard had an impressive workout Thursday with the Jets, who believe he would fit well in their system. There are questions about his age and injury history, but the Jets and the 35-year-old Garrard plan to continue talking and working to consummate an agreement. A New Jersey native, Garrard has not played in a regular-season game since 2010 with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He spent last offseason with the Miami Dolphins and was in contention for the starting job before injuring his knee during training camp.

David Garrard looks to pass during a scrimmage, Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports David Garrard looks to pass during a scrimmage, Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
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March 1, 2013  02:21 PM ET

Wow he's already 35?

March 1, 2013  02:31 PM ET

This is their answer at QB? Really?

March 1, 2013  02:34 PM ET

This is their answer at QB? Really?

You have to admit, it's a step up.

March 1, 2013  02:50 PM ET

This is their answer at QB? Really?

The Jets have any number of questions at QB. This is probably the answer to question #87.

March 1, 2013  02:54 PM ET

He could be better than anything they have right now.

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March 1, 2013  03:45 PM ET

They said they would bring in competition for Sanchez. They didn't say how much competition they would bring in.

March 1, 2013  03:49 PM ET

Sanchez' confidence level just went up! Too bad his competence didn't.

March 1, 2013  03:55 PM ET

Did the jets ask Ayatollah bloomburg if this was ok,seeing the Ayatollah of new york city everything was to have his OKEY DOKEY first.

March 1, 2013  03:56 PM ET

It's like they're trying to get worse on purpose...smh!

March 1, 2013  04:27 PM ET

I thought they were after Brady Quinn...

March 1, 2013  04:55 PM ET

Why don't they just re-hire Browning Nagle already?

March 1, 2013  05:00 PM ET

The Jets are trying to guarantee that all 53 players on their roster will be at the NJ Super Bowl ... in the stands.

March 1, 2013  05:04 PM ET

Ladies and Gentlemen....step right up. Join us in this phenomenon of nature. Just ten cents, one thin dime, one tenth of a dollar. We promise you will be shocked and amazed. That's right folks, behind this curtain.....IT'S THE JETS!

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March 1, 2013  05:11 PM ET

Quinn wants to stay in KC.

I don't blame him.

March 1, 2013  05:43 PM ET

This team is the gift that keeps on giving.

March 1, 2013  07:37 PM ET

He's just a shell of himself, it could be a nice story, but it won't be!

March 1, 2013  08:47 PM ET

Oh no....David slings the ball he doesnt throw it....another failure at qb!!!


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