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Scott Kazmir impressing Indians in comeback


10:35 AM ET 03.02 | As recently as two years ago, there was absolutely no payoff attached to Scott Kazmir, whose ERA climbed to 17.02 while throwing for the Salt Lake Bees in the Angels' minor-league system. The Angels couldn't pitch him, let alone market him. They could only cut their losses, releasing Kazmir with $14.5 million remaining on his contract. Kazmir didn't wake up without his fastball overnight due to devastating injury. He slowly lost his velocity and his feel for pretty much everything else while still attempting to get batters out. Couldn't throw his breaking ball. No one can say for sure how he lost it. Likewise, it's premature to suggest he's found what he misplaced. His two innings against the White Sox Friday were an example of what Francona raves about when he talks of how easily the ball comes out of Kazmir's hand. He struck out three in a row in one stretch and finished his outing with two ground-ball outs. A scout clocked him at 90-92. It's an easy 92. Francona, who calls Kazmir "interesting, real interesting," saw no reason to change his opinion after the lefty's second Cactus League appearance. You could see why left-handed batters in particular didn't mind taking the day off when he was pitching at his best.

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Scott Kazmir, Rich Pilling/Getty Images Scott Kazmir, Rich Pilling/Getty Images
March 2, 2013  10:59 AM ET

I hope he makes it back. At one time he seemed like a sure-bet to be an ace for a long time.

March 2, 2013  11:27 AM ET

Angels are well known for been a unlucky franchise,either with trades or signing free agents,Jim abbot did sign 5 years contract and after one season he (JIM ABBOTT) lost completely his feel for the ball,couln't throw strikes/couln't throw braking ball or anything,,,

March 2, 2013  11:30 AM ET

Kazmir was like a ACE with the rays, but as soon he got traded to the halos Kazmir was never able to pitch not even as a # 2 or # 5 starter in the angels rotation,,,angels lose any interest on Kazmir plus halos didn't had the ability to trade him at all,,thanks to Kazmir unability to pitch or to throw strikes!!!

March 2, 2013  11:32 AM ET

I wish him well, was drafted by The Mets!!!

March 2, 2013  11:32 AM ET

i'm glad Kazmir is getting in a good form in cleveland team, i hope he makes the team and get good numbers in the season!!!

March 2, 2013  11:33 AM ET

i always liked him as an angel pitcher it was just a bad luck for both sides nevertheless!!!!

March 2, 2013  11:35 AM ET

angels are in with two lefties in their rotation or aren't they??

March 2, 2013  12:05 PM ET

Pujols has stated,he do not need any at bats in spring traning,except pujols did needed one full month from the regular season last year,WHO is he trying to MOCK? man this guy has no respect for the league at all!!

March 2, 2013  12:08 PM ET

the angels got 15 hits against the dodgers in yesterday game, but 13 hits were from the minor leaguer players,,the angels got 3 hits from their regular players,bourjos 1/and josh hamilton 2,,other than that the halos got nothing from their regular lineup,,,,,

March 2, 2013  12:11 PM ET

VARGAS has not pitch at all,C J WILSON still in the injuried list (DL) ,,madson the apparently halos closer ,still on the injuried list with a sore elbow,,,need more??

March 2, 2013  12:13 PM ET

angels still weak in their catching spot IF,,they continue to keep ieannetta as their regular catcher, this guy has nothing as a deffensive catcher if you know what i mean!!!

March 2, 2013  12:15 PM ET

Vernon wells, still need to prove himself into the spring training as a halo hitter, should the halos give wells extra playing time in the spring training by any means???
i mean we all know how slow is wells in the regular season as a hitter!!!

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March 2, 2013  12:25 PM ET

is he impressed cause he isn't hurt yet?

impressed, but but but lets hope he has not touched those peds,,,,,,,,,,,,because if he did it oh boy oh boy trouble would be coming,,,,

March 2, 2013  12:27 PM ET

but if kazmir did it the right way without any forbbided substances? then i would agree with francona,,kazmir has been impressed by his own arm as well!!!

March 2, 2013  04:28 PM ET

interested indeed,,,things would be looking mighty good for scott kazmir in the indians roster!!!

March 2, 2013  08:42 PM ET

I hope he makes it back. At one time he seemed like a sure-bet to be an ace for a long time.

I do as well, but I don't think he has anything left in that pitching arm. He had an ERA of over 5.00 pitching for an independent team last season.

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Comment #19 has been removed
March 3, 2013  07:55 AM ET

KAZMIR is on peds

Based on his "live" arm tossing 90 mph heaters at the BEGINNING of CACTUS LEAGUE play??????


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