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Smith 'can't see' Howard leaving Lakers


03:59 PM ET 03.04 | Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith told the Los Angeles Daily News that he'd be "shocked" if longtime friend and Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard bolted as a free agent this offseason. A free agent himself this summer, Smith said that his former AAU teammate isn't about to give up on the Lakers' future despite his injury problems and intense media scrutiny as the team has struggled just to stay in the playoff hunt. "Dwight is a loyal athlete and loyal person," Smith said. "He's not a quitter and doesn't run from situations. That's why I believe with this franchise and the way he's talked so well about it, I can't see him going anywhere."

Los Angeles Daily News

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March 4, 2013  04:09 PM ET

Lakers are starting to round into form

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March 4, 2013  04:20 PM ET

Go Lakers!!! The hourglass is starting to run a bit thin on they better keep it going.

March 4, 2013  07:49 PM ET

Can you imagine that AAU team? They should have never lost a single quarter let alone basketball game.

March 4, 2013  07:55 PM ET

It's time Howard decides on his own about his future. He can't listen to his shoe company and where they want him to play. The extra millions will make you miserable bro.

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March 5, 2013  06:22 AM ET

I don't understand why he's so reluctant to play in his hometown of Atlanta. When the Hawks had Anthony Morrow, it was believed that their main intention of acquiring Morrow was so that he and Josh Smith could convince Howard to come to Atlanta. Plus with the development of Teague, surrounded by 3 point shooters, a Hawks squad with Howard could have been very formidable and a true obstacle for the Heat. This is without mentioning how Al Horford might have been incorporated.

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March 5, 2013  08:18 AM ET

Can You 'Walk' Among Laker Giants, Bro?

March 5, 2013  02:41 PM ET

Again the reason why we are in this whole mess in the first place, it's because of becoming a free agent at the end of the shortened 2011-2012 season, it was Howard who opted in to the final year of his contract, had he not done that we wouldn't have had this mess, why because Dwight Howard would've signed 12:01 AM on July 15th with Brooklyn, remember he was the one who fired the GM and coach in Orlando. Look I think he is gone after this season in LA, as there going to choose D'Antoni to stay as coach, and Howard just doesn't fit in with D'Antomi's offense


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