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Kessel on the block


08:25 AM ET 03.05 | When the Leafs roll into Boston for an Original Six matchup later this week, they will be led by the Nazem Kadri, who after Monday has 23 points in 23 games. Kadri likely will line up at the Garden with Colton Orr and Clarke MacArthur. ... Meanwhile, rumors persist in Toronto that general manager Dave Nonis may unload Kessel (4-12--16 in his first 22 games) prior to the April 3 trade deadline. ... Add him to a deep lineup with a coach who emphasizes offense (say, the Blackhawks, or maybe Canucks or Ducks), and he could be that 60-, 70-, or even 80-point guy who helps deliver a Stanley Cup. Ideally, a Kessel swap would bring the Leafs a franchise center. Of course, if they had a franchise center, perhaps they wouldn't consider dealing Kessel.

The Boston Globe

Phil Kessel, Getty Images Phil Kessel, Getty Images
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March 5, 2013  08:40 AM ET

Oh for the love of god.

Is someone really going to buy into this?

March 5, 2013  08:42 AM ET

He's on fire right now!

March 5, 2013  08:43 AM ET

Is the Boston Globe just trying to make Toronto feel better about that trade?!

March 5, 2013  08:53 AM ET

Other than the Irked One, who in God's name would trade a franchise center for Kessel?

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March 5, 2013  09:15 AM ET

Is someone really going to buy into this?maybe...

Even I'm not that dumb. (And, I'm pretty dumb). No need to rush to agree. That means you Canuck!

March 5, 2013  09:17 AM ET

I dont get it. Kessel's on pace (over an 82 game season) for about 60 points. Supposedly 60 points is good for 5 million per season (see O'Reilly).

Anyways, he is what he is, but 16 points at this stage is far from horrible.

I feel so dirty.

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March 5, 2013  09:24 AM ET

Ok ok I'll give this rumor one legitimate angle. What if Nonis is receiving calls from teams that are actually interested in Phil and if such an offer looks at anyway promising why not pull the trigger? My idea here that Toronto needs a complete break from the Burke regime and if you had the oppurtunity to make good deal then go for it. No player was more coveted IMO than Kessel was by Burke so time for the Spring rains to wash away the largest most visiable player Burke had. Toronto will get that brand new look and smell back. Thats the only angle I could think of to make this seem some what possible but in the end, gut feeling is no way it happens.

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March 5, 2013  09:41 AM ET

Kessel for Seguin?

March 5, 2013  09:52 AM ET

He's a goalscorer who isn't scoring. What more is there to say? His assists have mostly been okay passes that JVR has turned into wonderful goals. He isn't playing hard enough, nothing seems to be able to get him going, and given the fact that the team is doing alright for once during his time here it's frustrating as all hell.

Sometimes it only takes one goal to get the old confidence back up, playing on a team that's better might rub off on him yet. What's his +/- ?

March 5, 2013  09:53 AM ET

Pravda still has a healthy readership..

So does the National Enquirer.

March 5, 2013  09:53 AM ET

Kessel for Seguin?

for Luongoal?

March 5, 2013  09:53 AM ET

He actually may have played his worst game as a Leaf last night, goal notwithstanding (JVR's pass was great).

You're welcome.

March 5, 2013  09:54 AM ET

Oh for the love of god.

Well ....... they traded Gretzky, didn't they? Why should the second best player ever be treated any different? ;-)


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