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Reggie Bush to Lions?


11:15 AM ET 03.05 | For the past week there has been some buzz that free agent running back Reggie Bush could be bolting South Beach for the Motor City. Bush is reportedly gaining serious interest from the Detroit Lions and he would be a perfect fit for the Lions offense. Tuesday morning on ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning, NFL analyst John Clayton furthered the speculation that Bush be the top target for Detroit. After discussing some upcoming free agents and the level of interest they will generate, Clayton closed out by saying Bush is one of the more interesting situations to watch but he could see him winding up in Detroit. Clayton also added that the price tag for Bush would not be too expensive.

Reggie Bush, Joel Auerbach/Getty Images Reggie Bush, Joel Auerbach/Getty Images
March 5, 2013  06:37 PM ET

Don't know if that's what the Lions need, a young buck fresh out of college would be a better choice.

March 5, 2013  07:53 PM ET

I hate the Lions so I hope this doesn't happen. He'd be a great addition and is much better than the permanently concussed Jahvid Best

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March 5, 2013  08:58 PM ET

Don't know if that's what the Lions need, a young buck fresh out of college would be a better choice.

I think they have been trying that with limited success.

March 5, 2013  09:02 PM ET

Do the Lions have a syphilis treatment program?

March 5, 2013  09:17 PM ET

I wanted to see Bush go to Kansas City and join his H.S. teammate Alex Smith.

March 5, 2013  09:34 PM ET

Having a solid veteran in place stabilizes the younger players.

Somehow, seeing "Bush" and "solid veteran" in the same sentence seems off.

The Lions need to draft a RB that can do the same things a too-expensive Bush might do. Too many current and future cap problems for that team to get stuck paying for a FA running back.

March 6, 2013  12:41 PM ET

That's actually a good idea, all they need now is a Coach!!!

March 6, 2013  02:28 PM ET

The team is an extension of the Coach !!!! Sorry Detroit!!!!

March 6, 2013  03:39 PM ET

He'd be an upgrade for the Lions back field...

March 6, 2013  03:55 PM ET

He would be a stud on the Lions. The Lions can get the best DE in the draft at 5 and one of the better corners in the early second and with Reggie they will be a hugely improved team that's for sure.

March 6, 2013  04:45 PM ET

That's actually a good idea, all they need now is a Coach!!!

March 6, 2013  06:08 PM ET

Meh, the Lions have busted with more than one Trojan, and this from a Troy Fan. Mike Williams SHOULD have been a very good possession receiver if he would have had his head in the right place, as he showed one year with Seattle, Shawn Cody wasn't a bust but he coulda done better.

I always felt like LenDale would make the better pure Running Back, but his head was messed up to, tho he had 1 good year in Tennessee when he got some touches.

But the Lions are crappy at developmen of young uns, and Bush is no longer a young un (or the next Gale Sayers either...)


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