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Report: Aaron Rodgers' contract extension coming soon


09:00 AM ET 03.06 | With the Baltimore Ravens and Joe Flacco agreeing to terms on a huge deal that makes him the highest paid player in the league, Green Bay Packers signal-caller Aaron Rodgers is next in line for a new deal. According to league sources with a strong pulse on Rodgers' current contract situation, it is believed that the Packers and Rodgers will agree to a new deal "soon." The new deal that Rodgers is set to receive is expected to "blow away the $52 million guaranteed Flacco received" in his deal. It is also reported that the new Rodgers deal will "set a new benchmark that will stand for several years."

Aaron Rodgers, John W. McDonough/Getty Images Aaron Rodgers, John W. McDonough/Getty Images
March 6, 2013  09:13 PM ET

Great QB, small market, huge discount double check to come.

March 7, 2013  06:20 AM ET

Pay the man!

March 7, 2013  06:53 AM ET

It's going to be a curse to have a "franchise qb" in a few years.

March 7, 2013  07:30 AM ET

So this just about guarntees that a Team with a Quarterback making less than 8 Mil will win the Super Bowl!!!!

March 7, 2013  08:04 AM ET

I seriously wonder how you grind it out in the offseason...running, lifting, eating right when you know that every day your employer is depositing $54,795 in your bank account. I mean, they're going to pay him north of $384,615 a week to play football. No wonder they get'd be real tough not to.

March 7, 2013  11:17 AM ET

Heck, they gota stay in shape so they can carry the money.

March 7, 2013  11:21 AM ET

Unfortunately, no one can afford what Rogers is worth relative to Flacco - if Flacco is worth $20M, Rogers is worth $30M

March 7, 2013  11:45 AM ET

The year that Rodgers QBed the Pack to a Super Bowl win, I remember reading an interview with Rodgers where he stated that when the time came to work out a new deal, he would remember what Ted Thompson and the Packers had done for him, as far as giving him the opportunity to play in the league and prove himself, and that would take a precedence over $$$$$. It was a nice sentiment. I wonder if Rodgers' agent will feel the same way?

March 7, 2013  12:40 PM ET

The franchise QB Cold War has begin where it ends no one knows.....

March 7, 2013  12:43 PM ET

The franchise QB Cold War has begin where it ends no one knows.....

I wonder if Flacco's contract has a clause guarenteeing him to stay the highest paid QB ever???

March 7, 2013  12:50 PM ET

Those league sources should really define what "soon" means. Makes all of the difference. Unless they don't know, which is likely.

March 7, 2013  01:06 PM ET

Sadly the overblown salary for an average QB who had a great five week run is likely to blast off the salaries of truly good QBs, like Rodgers. But as a shareholder I say pay the man!

Go Pack Go!


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