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Comments irk Howard's former Magic teammates


08:10 AM ET 03.07 | While Dwight Howard has since said his comments were "twisted it into a negative thing," next Tuesday's Lakers-Magic game did just get a bit more interesting. Orlando Magic guard Jameer Nelson took offense to Howard's interview with CBS2/KCAL9 in which he said, "My team in Orlando was a team full of people who nobody wanted, and I was the leader and I led that team with a smile on my face." No, Howard's teammate in Orlando for eight seasons did not like that one bit. "At some point, when are you gonna, as a man, when are you going to take ownership and stay out of the media in a professional manner?" Nelson told the Orlando Sentinel on Wednesday. ... "[If] anything he should be focused on playing for the Lakers and making the playoffs," [said Rashard Lewis].

The Los Angeles Times

Jameer Nelson, Icon Sports Jameer Nelson, Icon Sports
March 7, 2013  08:14 AM ET

J.J. Redick, another former teammate, wasn't pleased, either.

"I'm not surprised by it," Redick told Wednesday evening before his Milwaukee Bucks played the Los Angeles Clippers. "I would be more surprised when Dwight starts taking responsibility. That would be the most negative thing I can say, but that's the truth.

"You can't take all the credit and not accept any of the blame."

March 7, 2013  08:15 AM ET

[i]Does It Really Matter, Bros?[/]

March 7, 2013  08:16 AM ET

team full of people who nobody wanted

this is nothing that normal people haven't thought since then. Nelson and Redick aren't exactly hot commodities.

March 7, 2013  08:17 AM ET

I remember a couple years ago everyone was talking about how bad LBJ looked in the media and how badly he needed some new people doing PR for him. Well, LBJ needs to send the card of whoever he works with now to Dwight because NO ONE has ever looked this bad publicly before.

March 7, 2013  08:22 AM ET

Howard was probably right but he needs to stop talking for awhile to let all the drama he helped create stop festering into a full blown hate fest...

March 7, 2013  08:23 AM ET

Dwight probably didn't mean anything negative towards old teammates in this statement but I can see why they would be offended. They are professionals after all. This will be played up as a big story until they play and then, poof, no more story.

March 7, 2013  08:38 AM ET

Howard seems to think he's Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez, which would make Jameer - Smalls, Big Baby - Ham, and Redick - Squints

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March 7, 2013  08:42 AM ET


Oy Vey!

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March 7, 2013  08:58 AM ET

It's not surprising that the comment would irk his former teammates. But let's be realistic, they are not great players. What the Orlando Magic did with Dwight Howard was similar to what the Cleveland Cavaliers did with Lebron James. They surrounded their 'franchise' player with has been or never been players.

Rashard Lewis, Hedo Turkeyglue, Nelson, Gilbert Arenas and Vince Carter were either on the downside of their careers or journeymen players. Much like Cleveland with Mo Williams, Bobbie Gibson, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and so on. Do you see the parallel?

Lebron took his talents to South Beach and won a title. Dwight Howard took his talents to Venice Beach. Let's see if it will result in a title.

March 7, 2013  09:00 AM ET

jgb is correct.


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March 7, 2013  09:08 AM ET


I meant, in talking about his greatness he "accidentally" threw some teammates under the bus. At the time he didn't know he had done it b/c he was wrapped up in his own greatness: "and I was the leader and I led that team with a smile on my face", but the media "misquoted" him and now he is back in the spotlight again.
Dad-gum Media!

March 7, 2013  09:23 AM ET

Jameer Nelson is doing well with Orlando. Glenn Davis was turning 16ppg and 8 rpg before got hurt.Redick is helping the Bucks. Ryan Anderson is having a good year in New Orleans. Earl Clark has been great for the Lakers in Pau's absence. J-Rich was playing well in Philly until he got hurt.Not superstars but good players that help their teams this year.

they shoulda beat the Heat last night, so that I wouldn't have to hear about the streak all morning on Mike and Mike

March 7, 2013  09:24 AM ET

Even Lebron didnt threw his former Cavs under the bus!

March 7, 2013  09:28 AM ET

Even Lebron didnt threw his former Cavs under the bus!

Nope. More like stab the city and fans in the heart though.

He'll never live the "Decision" down...

March 7, 2013  09:42 AM ET

... Do you see the parallel? ...

The difference is after the disastrous "The Decision" show -- Lebron has done well not to continually say stupid stuff. He has done great in rehabbing his public image. (a championship helped ... but many more folks would still dislike him if he said stupid stuff like Dwight)

Dwight just keeps getting worse at PR.

I like another one of Dwight's recent quotes ... something like ... 'the problems with Kobe & me were overblown -- we didn't didn't have a fistfight or anything.'


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