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New offensive weapon emerges in Boston


08:11 AM ET 03.07 | Typically, the play that closed Wednesday night's game in Indianapolis is drawn up for Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett, but this time went to Jeff Green. [Green attempted the final shot] and he helped seal perhaps the Celtics' biggest win of the season. Green has emerged as a primary offensive weapon in the past two months, but with the Celtics having possession with 23.6 seconds left and the game tied at 81 against the Pacers, the forward usually would have expected Pierce or Garnett to take the final shot. Instead, Garnett decoyed off the pick-and-roll and found Green with a high pass that he gathered in. Green scored with 0.5 seconds left for Boston's 83-81 win.

The Boston Globe

Jeff Green, US Presswire Jeff Green, US Presswire
March 7, 2013  08:14 AM ET

He has emerged as a new offensive weapon because he made a layup?

March 7, 2013  08:18 AM ET

Face Of The Franchise, Bro?

March 7, 2013  08:21 AM ET

This story is a bit overblown but you have to give Green his props from coming back from a life threatening event and play at an NBA level.... Every once and awhile you'll see flashes on why he was traded for Perkins but unfortunately is not consistent...

March 7, 2013  08:21 AM ET

It was interesting that Doc called the play for Green and Pierce was a decoy/picker only ... the first time I remember seeing that for the Celtics.

Green's stats have been very consistent since he was at OKC ... between 14 & 16ppg per 36 minutes.

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March 7, 2013  08:45 AM ET

Jeff Green is basura. That is all.

March 7, 2013  08:53 AM ET

part of the problem is he is a SF, like pierce- which is why the trade made no sense in the first place

That would be true if Pierce never retired. (I'd say he & Garnett have extended their productivity longer that anyone thought when the Cs picked up KG/Ray.)

With many matchups now, Green plays PF. (that is their normal 'finishing team' now -- which is more important than who starts)

March 7, 2013  08:56 AM ET

He has emerged as a new offensive weapon because he made a layup?

You would have preferred he made a 3 point shot?

March 7, 2013  09:08 AM ET

Jeff Green is basura. That is all.

Just adding more.....

The Oklahoma City Thunder used to have Jeff Green as their starting power forward or sometimes sixth man. He was moved to Boston in order to develop Serge Ibaka and James Harden. I'd say that they knew what they were doing. Besides Green was originally a Boston pick.

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March 7, 2013  09:24 AM ET

I still wish they would have kept Perk and made one more run. They were just in the NBA Finals.Green may be good but I will never like that deal.Great win by Boston last night!

Boston is a tough and resilient team with a great head coach.

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March 7, 2013  10:02 AM ET

Weapon?? they reaching with that. Option would would a better choice of words.

March 7, 2013  10:11 AM ET

but pierce didn't retireso they've had him for several years, bascially as a back upwhen I say SF- I mean play style-he's not banging in the post....he's a jumpshooter and slasherAnd the reason he had to play PF in OKC is cause they had KDso he played out of positionI don't dislkie green- I think hes a good solid playerbut he was not needed in boston


When you have multiple 30+ players on your team you need some youth just in case the old guys get injured or retire. I think Ainge thought he would be the 6th man scoring off the bench short term or be the Pierce replacement long term. He was needed but merely for insurance purposes lol.

March 7, 2013  10:46 AM ET

Never bring a knife to a gun fight.

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March 7, 2013  11:27 AM ET

Good morning everyone. The moderators have granted me a merciful restoration of my account. I so appreciate that. They have such a tough job, and are so great at what they do. I apologize if the statements that even after I re-read them still seemed tame, somehow offended anyone. Please forgive me in the way that the all knowing, all seeing, wise Fannation mods have done. I am forever in their debt. I may even send them flowers as a peace offering. From now on I will defer to their brilliance since it apparent that they know what I know not.


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