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Browns could pursue Patriots QB Ryan Mallett


12:21 PM ET 03.09 | With quarterback Matt Moore re-signing with the Dolphins and Brian Hoyer staying in Arizona with a second-round tender in restricted free agency, the Browns suddenly find themselves faced with the reality of a shortage at the position in free agency. As a result, Cleveland is still expected to pursue a trade for Patriots back-up QB Ryan Mallett, Cleveland Plain-Dealer reporter Mary Kay Cabot wrote Saturday. A different source in the same article said Patriots coach Bill Belichick will not part with the former third-round pick. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady signed a three-year extension this offseason, putting him in New England through 2017, when he will be 40 years old. Mallett has two years left on his rookie contract. Cabot wrote the Patriots wouldn't part with him for less than a second-round pick. Cleveland does not have a second-round pick in this draft; it was used in the supplemental draft to select wide receiver Josh Gordon.

Mary Kat Cabot

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March 9, 2013  12:52 PM ET

OMG, the Browns need to make a decision. They have Colt McCoy, who looked promising. Then they draft Brandon Weeden, who looked promising. Now, they want Ryan Mallett. Get a head coach. Get an OC. Get a decent QB. Build the O line. You have a good RB in Richardson. Get some NFL-level receivers. Play the game.If you don't know what your target is, how will you ever hit a bullseye? The Browns are showing why they are among the first 10 picks every damn season.

+ 1 and Get a GM!!!!

March 9, 2013  01:12 PM ET

It's been a few years now. Lets see what Mallet can actually do in the NFL.

March 9, 2013  01:29 PM ET

Why........all these back up Patriot QB's are way overrated......

March 9, 2013  01:33 PM ET

Why........all these back up Patriot QB's are way overrated......

When you look at Bills track record for picking QB's its a safe gamble that Mallett won't be the diamond in the rough. The only QB that was ever worth a damn is Brady and he's made him look like a genius for years.

March 9, 2013  05:07 PM ET

Mallett was considered a true 1st round talent as a QB. He was only availible becuase of character concerns. In the 2 seasons he's been with tha Pats, he's been a model player. I belive(based on what little In'e seen him play, that he has all the tools required to be a solid starting QB if given the reps in training camp and a true chance to start. Therefore, I would not give him up for anyhting less than a 2nd rounder and a young, solid player. Or, the Browns 1st rounder this year with the Pats giving the Browns a 2nd or 3rd next year.

March 9, 2013  06:04 PM ET

Point of fact. Tom Brady was not B's pick. So who picked him? Much maligned former GM Bobby Grier. So BB doesn't have a great record drafting qbs... Not that he has needed to...

March 9, 2013  06:22 PM ET

I'd say he's worth a high second round pick or even a mid-low first round pick at this point. As JohnJ45acp said, he has talent, has shown that the character issues aren't keeping him back, and he's had time to develop behind Brady. I liked him a lot coming out of college. With that said, I think the Pats should keep him in case of an injury to Brady. A solid 2nd QB with experience in the system is huge. Look what Cassel was able to do with the Pats; Mallett is much more talented in my opinion.

March 9, 2013  06:36 PM ET

who or what is mary kat cabot?

March 10, 2013  05:58 AM ET

Great definitive title:

"Browns COULD pursue...Ryan"

Yeah, they could pursue anyone including Joe Flacco and Tom Brady. A stupid title that reflects the decline and fall of the US educational system.

March 10, 2013  11:25 AM ET

lombardi, an ex writer heads their personnel department. theirs a reason guys loose their professional positions and instead go on to get paid to talk about their opinion. if you read his stuff you know what im talking about. expect the stay the browns.

March 10, 2013  12:11 PM ET

The only problem here is that Mallett is under contract.

March 10, 2013  12:11 PM ET

think about this, what do the browns have to offer the pats other than draft choices and i dont think belichick is interested in trading mallett

March 10, 2013  01:32 PM ET

Unless the Pats are made an offer that they can't refuse, I would keep Mallett at least for next season(as he'll still be under contract for the year after that as well), as it's essential to have a talented(even if unproven)backup.


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