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Pursuit of Mike Wallace signals Dolphins paradigm shift


09:39 AM ET 03.10 | The story is not whether the Dolphins want to sign top free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace. The answer to that is yes, a resounding yes. Yes, yes, yes. The story is whether the Dolphins can actually land Wallace. Wallace is the second biggest free agent this Dolphins administration has ever chased. The biggest was last year, when Miami took a swing and missed with Peyton Manning. Owner Stephen Ross seriously wants a playmaker or three added to the offense, so he's ready to spend. The business side of the organization needs fans to hear some good news. And general manager Jeff Ireland recognizes this offseason could determine his career path.

Miami Herald

Mike Wallace, Getty Images Mike Wallace, Getty Images
March 10, 2013  09:41 AM ET

Be Careful What You Wish For, Bros.

March 10, 2013  09:43 AM ET

Owner Stephen Ross seriously wants a playmaker...

This ain't the guy.

March 10, 2013  09:47 AM ET

This saddens me greatly. I thought the word paradigm was dead and buried. It was a word once used to say nothing but make one sound like they knew something.

March 10, 2013  10:03 AM ET

Concerning Wallace and FA: ..."Those who should know speculate his new deal will average more than $13 million per season. "

Really? Methinks not. Methinks "those who should know" should have their heads examined.

March 10, 2013  10:26 AM ET

Lost of Luck Phins, You're going to need it!!!

March 10, 2013  10:29 AM ET

If Jeff Ireland is tying his career path to Mike Wallace he'll likely be looking for work in 2014. Mr. "Hands of Stone" isn't the guy I'd want my future to hinge on.

March 10, 2013  12:18 PM ET

The kind of money he will be asking for you could bring in two or maybe three play makers for that price.

March 10, 2013  12:29 PM ET

A one trick pony the can't catch a cold... I'll take the 60 Minutes Mike Wallace instead (yes, I mean the dead one RIP). It was painful watching him drop just about every ball thrown at him across the middle. It's clear to me, that he is just flat out afraid to take a hit. $13 million a year is a joke, he is worth maybe $5-7 at the most.

March 10, 2013  12:54 PM ET

Note to intern: Don't use words like "paradigm" in the titles here. We're all stupid. Words like that go right over our heads. :)

March 10, 2013  01:31 PM ET

It makes perfect sense. Miami has a ton of cap room and Wallace has the ego to demand that it all be used on him.

March 10, 2013  03:57 PM ET

The best thing about the Mike Wallace situation, at least from my point of view as a Steelers fan, is that it reiterated two key tenets about the way the Rooneys expect the front office to handle business.

No negotiations during a hold-out. You can say you're planning to hold out, and that's fine. But as soon as you start missing OTAs they leave the table. No negotiations during the season. Yes, they'll sign a deal at the airport on the way to that first regular season game. But after that, you are going to have to wait until the next offseason. I'm not even sure if those things are really allowed in the CBA. But it's how they've done things for a long time.

As for Wallace the player. .. if you know what you're getting and how to use him, he might make a fine addition to a well-rounded team. Just don't expect him to do anything besides run fast and make catches in an open field, and don't expect him to put in any more than the bare minimum effort required to do that.

March 10, 2013  04:41 PM ET

Landing him is the easy part. Now getting him to catch a pass....

March 10, 2013  08:54 PM ET

It's simply a misnomer that this guy has bad hands. He was clearly pressing last season and it cost him some catches, but it has never been a problem with him previously. As a Steeler fan I'd love tohave a way to keep him, but not for anywhere near 10 million a year. He's worth every bit of 8 mil per but that's about the ceiling. He's never gonna be Anquan when it comes to going over the middle but to say he never does is simply a lie. He looked alright going over the middle in that Giants game this year, taking a simple crossing pattern all the way to the house to win us a game the officials were blatantly trying to take from us. And his deep skills are as elite as the league currently features. Alas, his days in the Burgh are gone. And we're left with Antonio Brown, a guy who has never been a #1 guy to me. I've seen Wallace dominate without AB on the field, but I've never seen Brown dominate without Wallace drawing the double team. Can't imagine Wallace dominating on a bad team but I guess we'll find out.

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March 10, 2013  10:31 PM ET

This guy may well be the worst big coin signee ever. The classic addition by subtraction scenario for the Steelers. Confirming this thought, even Oakland has no interest him.


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