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Mets GM Sandy Alderson on hot seat?


10:14 AM ET 03.10 | The 2013 season is Sandy Alderson's final Mulligan. This is the last year the Mets general manager gets to explain away a worsening major league product in the name of cleansing the old, building the new and waiting for money to drop from heaven -- or at least from a Wilpon. The patience extended the Alderson regime, in general, is greater than most in his position receive around here. Consider Brian Cashman's Yankees have made the playoffs 14 of his 15 years as GM, including last season when they had the AL's best record and actually won a playoff round. t is possible an ownership fearful of further disenchanting the fans prevented Alderson from trading Jose Reyes and David Wright, too, to deepen the pool of young, high-end, inexpensive options. But when Alderson was hired he was viewed as having the tools -- gravitas, maturity, fortitude -- to successfully navigate ownership issues.

New York Post

Sandy Alderson, Jason Szenes/Getty Images Sandy Alderson, Jason Szenes/Getty Images
March 10, 2013  10:20 AM ET

No More Excuses, Bro?

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March 10, 2013  10:39 AM ET

He's a Smart Guy, but sometimes guys start outsmarting themselves, he might be at that point! He should be in Japan following that Cuban Team and handing passports out, now that's how get an outfielder!!!

March 10, 2013  11:20 AM ET

look. i'm a met fan, the teams stinks, no doubt, and all this talk about 'playing with passion' and 'let's wait until the all-star break to make a move', of course, is ridiculous. the wilpons want the glory without paying a price for it and they are hoping alderson can do that with a minimum payroll and 'hungry' ballplayers (re: guys who have no shot anywhere else but will take any paycheck to get the shot in NY). A few unexpected wins this year? you bet. competitive? absolutely. a contender, a playoff-bound talented team? heck no. not saying we need a-listers on this team, but we need a boat load of b-lister talent to lure the on or two or three a-listers to turn this team around.

March 10, 2013  11:43 AM ET

You can put all the blame on the past management for bad trades, bad free agent signings, and bad draft picks for the shape they are in toady.

March 10, 2013  12:22 PM ET

Insane. The guy inherited nothing but an empty farm and an overextended payroll. If he had Cashman money to work with, you can overcome that, but the Wilpons had the Madoff mess. That money funded the expansion of the payroll and led to dumb things ("Hey, Bobby Bo, take $25 million spread out instead of $5 million now! We earn 18% with Bernie!!!!" The idea was to work off the Beltran, Santana, KRod, Castillo, Perez, etc. contracts, and re-stock until the Wilpons found some cash. That is just happening now. Alderson deserves a chance to see this through, and "through" is not 2013.

John Pileggi

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March 10, 2013  12:52 PM ET

Yes he is. Sandy doesn't know what to do with the $$$. He's a 'moneyball gm'. Bye bye Sandy!!

Of what $$$ do you speak?

Have you seen their Outfield? A GM wouldn't put together an OF like that unless he didn't have much choice.

March 10, 2013  12:55 PM ET

Yikes. He's got a hot seat? I hate hemorrhoids.

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March 10, 2013  01:37 PM ET

Silly rabbit, the Wimpons already announced next offseason they would be spending like drunken sailors, but I bet you already knew that

I might have missed that...

All I hear on WFAN is how bad they are gonna be this year :-)

March 10, 2013  01:52 PM ET

The Mets are in better shape now than they were a few years ago. They have lots of good young pitching, and overpaid guys such as Jason Bay are gone. Yes, they need some hitters, but Davis and Wright and d'Arnaud and Murphy are solid. Give him time.

I agree, Alderson has brought in valuable prospects. I wouldn't dump him just yet

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March 10, 2013  08:29 PM ET

This thread is a year early......put it in a ziplock or tupperware....and break it out next spring......

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March 11, 2013  12:35 AM ET

Like I tell my mets fan friend, when you see the wilpons spend, start to spend in qn offseason, any future offseason, you can start keeping the good players like Dickey. Until then...thurn over the good players for prospect, not Alderson's fault.

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March 11, 2013  07:58 AM ET

Last two years,,, no dinero... yet they still competed in the NL East--- didn't do much worse than the SILLIES who spent the farm and their grandkids inheritance--- Didn't do bad considering... this year they didn't spend anything either, not much. Sillies won't be going to post season either...

March 11, 2013  08:43 AM ET

He'd be lucky to get canned from that mess...seriously, that team is a cesspoole right do you have marlon byrd in your outfield? someone else, not named alderson created that disaster and it will take more than a couple of years to fix.


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