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What's wrong with the Chicago Bulls?


11:01 PM ET 03.15 | More than 12 hours after the end of the worst loss ever suffered by the Chicago Bulls under Tom Thibodeau -- against the Sacramento Kings, of all teams -- it's probably time to sit down and see if there's anything we can learn from the 121-79 loss. I don't know about you, but I spent much of the time between the end of the game last night and this morning hoping desperately it hadn't really happened, but it has. And in looking at the box score, dear God is there some awfulness here. I guess we'll start with the good: Carlos Boozer continued his noble tradition of bumslaying, putting up an efficient 21 points and adding four assists. Nate Robinson also had a nice night offensively, scoring 19 on 7/9 shooting.

Pippen Ain't Easy

Carlos Boozer, Getty Images/ Noah Graham Carlos Boozer, Getty Images/ Noah Graham
March 16, 2013  12:02 AM ET

It doesn't look like much is wrong with them tonight.

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March 16, 2013  09:05 AM ET

Not Enough Prime Beef, Bros?

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March 16, 2013  10:22 AM ET

Q: What's wrong with the Bulls?
A: Carlos Boozer

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March 16, 2013  10:58 AM ET

Bulls are fine... the law of deminishing returns has kicked in. That's what you get when you put crappy talent on the floor...

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March 16, 2013  01:22 PM ET



I disagree that the other players are worried about Rose. if anything it's a blessing to all of them trying to earn a name in the league. Bottom lne is I don't think Rose helps enough to get to the Finals this year, so why risk the next ten? Let the other guys get experience and playing time together and next year come out like gang busters.

If Rose wants to come back for limited minutes, so be it. if not, that's fine too.

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March 16, 2013  01:27 PM ET

*without Rose / no question mark

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March 16, 2013  01:28 PM ET

'I'm not playing til I'm 100% mentally ready' stuff is nonsense

DRose might be mentally weak after all.
If you are a superstar wanna be you can't pull this kind of crap.

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March 16, 2013  01:58 PM ET

wow- I mean....that is a major defeatist attitudewhy doesn't the NBA just stop playing and crown the heat champs?I really think you're missing the point as to why some of us are EXTREMELY disappointed in rose. No one thinks he will help them win a ring this year or beat miamiwe are questioning his heart and his headwe are questioning his leadership ability- he is proving to be a poor leader, a little bit selfish... and long term - that is BADthere is NO REASON- a medically cleared Roseshould not be playing games

Even if Rose has motives against management/ownership he should be playing few minutes just to bring motivation to his teammates and a breath of leadership. Above all show to fans he is a leader and is trying hard.
What he is doing make him look bad on all counts.


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