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David Wright may miss Mets season-opener


08:43 AM ET 03.16 | David Wright is the latest Mets player questionable for Opening Day after tests in New York yesterday revealed the third baseman has a "moderate" left rib cage strain, an injury that surfaced while he was playing for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic. Wright, nicknamed "Captain America" for his heroics during the WBC, will rest for the next three-to-five days and then determine what activities he can resume. He officially withdrew from Team USA yesterday. Wright joins Johan Santana, who is building up strength in his shoulder and hasn't yet made his Grapefruit League debut, among the Mets' sidelined.

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David Wright, Christian Petersen/Getty Images David Wright, Christian Petersen/Getty Images
March 16, 2013  08:52 AM ET

He put on a hell of a show in the WBC...hopefully he is able to return to action very soon.

March 16, 2013  01:00 PM ET

He put on a hell of a show in the WBC...hopefully he is able to return to action very soon.

that's the price you have to pay for playing in WBC,,

March 16, 2013  01:01 PM ET

Now you know why the WBC should be played after the season...not before....just what the Mets need their star/best player out of the opening day lineup..and God knows for how much longer....

March 16, 2013  01:03 PM ET

the hardest part is,,,his injury would hurt his own team,,
after all you can't be everywhere at the same time,,,, should wright had avoided to be played at the WBC? perhaps no injury should had happened!!!

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March 16, 2013  01:50 PM ET

I don't understand the idea of letting your best players participate in a pre-MLB tournament anywhere, for any reason, when there's a good chance they may be injured and lost for any part of the regular season. It's ... how shall I put ... INCREDIBLY STUPID. You sign Wright to a major multi-year contract, make him the enduring face of the franchise, and then expose him to injury even before Opening Day?

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March 16, 2013  04:27 PM ET

MLB is a business? You better tell the Mets owner and GMs that it is, because they sure don't know how to run their business. Hey, Fred, good move getting yourself all twisted up with Bernie Madoff. That did wonders for the team. As for the Mets in general, no franchise has been more adept in recent years at taking on players on the downside of their careers (Bonilla, Bay, Alomar, Vaughan, Santana ... (Hey, maybe they'll sign George Foster. The outfield looks a little iffy.) If the Mets think risking injury to David Wright at the start of the season, after a string of inglorious years, is sound thinking, well, that fits with all the other stellar moves they've made in recent years.

March 16, 2013  10:13 PM ET

Damaged Goods, it's sad but his body is also breaking down!!!


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