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Lakers legends say Heat capable of breaking record


04:54 PM ET 03.16 | The Miami Heat may not be close to topping it yet, but two men highly familiar with the 1971-72 Lakers' 33-game winning streak believe the team is capable of doing so. Speaking after Miami's 21st straight win Friday night, Lakers legends Bill Sharman and Gail Goodrich both said they believed the Heat have the stuff to break a record they helped set. Sharman, the head coach of that Lakers team, and Goodrich, its leading scorer, both praised the Heat as a rare team capable of winning so many games. "I think they'll make a very, very, very serious run at our record, They might even break it. They're head and shoulders over the rest of the NBA. Who's going to beat them?" Goodrich said.

March 16, 2013  05:10 PM ET

Records are for breaking. If not this Heat team then I don't know that anyone ever will. I mean with the way teams won't be able to load up on expensive talent like they have.

March 16, 2013  05:10 PM ET

Anyone can be beat on any given night in the NBA. With that said, I think they have a real shot at breaking the record.

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March 16, 2013  05:33 PM ET

Heat need 13 games to get to 34 and break the record. Looking at their schedule, 8 of the games are on the road, only 1 back-2-back, and only 4 with teams above .500 (celtics, bulls, spurs, knicks). They have a very good chance, and depending on the odds, might be a good bet.

March 16, 2013  06:01 PM ET

I hope they do break it. But I have a feeling they won't. The game back in "71-72 just isn't the same as it is now in "12-13 (and vice versa).

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March 16, 2013  06:19 PM ET

Laker legends have a lot to say

March 16, 2013  09:36 PM ET

The goal is to heat-peat, now if they break the record, sure more power to them, but am not reading too much into the streak.
Great way how they close games, but it's meaningless without that heat-peat.

March 16, 2013  09:46 PM ET

I hope they break the record then lose in the playoffs

course you do, every good team should end up like a Melo lead team, who gets owned in the playoffs year after year...Even with Iverson(when Melo & A.I were both top 5 in scoring at the time) got owned in the playoffs...sadly though, the heat won't end up like the knicks, heat will repeat, and Melo will be known as the guy who gets it done in the regular season, and not good enough to get it done in the playoffs...

March 16, 2013  09:48 PM ET

The best Duo of All Time is Magic and Kareem. This PG/Big man combo was made in heaven.

Next best, probably Shaq and Kobe. They were dominant against their competition, but a Big and a 2 guard who shoots a lot is never as well fitting as a Big and a pass first- do it all guard.

Next- Mike and Pip- defensive juggernauts at the wings and Pip's pass first approach worked great with the shot heavy Jordan.

Then Bron and DWade- Defensive aces as well, but Mike and Pip played together earlier in their careers, whereas after 10 years in, it was looking like Wade was showing signs of aging,(until recently) while Bron was just hitting his stride

March 16, 2013  09:54 PM ET

Both Wade and Lebron make each other more efficient. People who don't recognize that are just ignorant. But as for who benefits the most, I would say Lebron benefits a little more. Wade sacrifices more shot attempts, and has to pick his spots more because he doesn't control the flow of the offense as much.

Also, as of a couple weeks ago, I read that assists from Lebron to Wade and Wade to Lebron were exactly equal (i don't know what it is now). Since Lebron has the ball more and gets more assists in general, you would think Lebron would have more assists to Wade, but he doesn't

March 16, 2013  09:58 PM ET

The reason for the streak is both James and Wade. When one is not healthy, they are still a great team. When both play well, they are unbeatable, hence the streak. No mystery, so stop trying to provoke Wade vs Lebron debates.

March 16, 2013  10:00 PM ET

They are absolutely the best duo ever!! Maybe not total stats because they are only 2gether less then 3 seasons. Kareem only had 2 really good seasons with Magic. His numbers declined quick after 1982 and 79-80 was Magics first year. Wade's and Jame's single season total numbers and PER(player efficiency ratings) are better than both MJ/PIPPEN and Stockton/ Malone duo's. In the fast break it isn't even close!! Dwade and LBJ are the best ever!!!! They are both the best at their positions or at least top 2 at their positions and through history SF/SG is usually the position that the best in the league plays. Heat have to Oscar Robertsons on the same team. 2 guy's that can do it all on both ends!! 2 of the most efficient players ever!!! I love Scotty Pippen but he is not even close tom the all around player D Wade is

March 16, 2013  10:25 PM ET

This is becoming one of the NBA's greatest teams ever. I'd like them to break the record but its going to tough. I'd rather they secure home court advantage and rest up for the playoffs, keep everyone healthy.

March 16, 2013  10:35 PM ET

This is becoming one of the NBA's greatest teams ever. I'd like them to break the record but its going to tough. I'd rather they secure home court advantage and rest up for the playoffs, keep everyone healthy.

if Miami past Boston Monday I will say they have a chance ....

March 17, 2013  08:42 AM ET


I can't believe that something so stupid can be written without tongue firmly planted in cheek.

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March 17, 2013  09:00 AM ET

sadly though, the heat won't end up like the knicks, heat will repeat

don't you mean heat-peat?

March 17, 2013  09:01 AM ET

You have the order wrong. Best duo of all time is Jordan and Pippen. Back in the 95-96 season, I read an article on how they were outplaying all the other duos.

this argument has alot of authority behind it.


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