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Bucks to talk to Larry Sanders after second straight ejection


09:48 AM ET 03.17 | Larry Sanders was ejected for the second straight game when he picked up two technical fouls with 2:44 remaining, after he was called for fouling LeBron James on a drive. Jim Boylan said there would be a serious discussion with Sanders about his on-court behavior. "You're a professional athlete, and you have to behave like a professional," Boylan said. "The referees don't come in here with an agenda, for the most part. They come in here and ref the game. "I know all those guys. It doesn't mean you can't have an argument or a disagreement with one of them. That happens in the heat of the game. We'll talk with Larry. Like I've said to Larry before, I don't mind him playing with emotion as long as it doesn't hurt the team. "Getting ejected from two games in a row, it's not good for our team and it's not good for Larry." Sanders was ejected late in the loss in Washington on Wednesday night. "I can imagine it's hard for a referee to ref a Miami Heat game," Sanders said. "It's hard for me to take that sometimes. I feel like things are kind of swayed. Maybe (I should) care a little less."

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Larry Sanders, Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images Larry Sanders, Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images
March 17, 2013  10:28 AM ET

tats all on his arm & neck....
Doesn't look to professional to me...

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March 17, 2013  11:26 AM ET

Superstars Always Get The Call, Bro.

March 17, 2013  12:22 PM ET

One thing the NBA isn't is fair. One thing it doesn't have is any sense of competitive integrity. Sanders needs to just accept that and be a "professional" about it. It is a business after all so keep in mind that the superstars make the money and so they get the preferential treatment its just good business.

March 17, 2013  01:01 PM ET

la sona St. Padriag

Translate "happy st patrick's day" to Irish

March 17, 2013  04:28 PM ET

Well, it did not help that the Bucks were on a slump. Ellis, Jennings, Dunleavy, Redick, can't buy a basket for 4 games. This afternoon, Ellis broke out of it in the 4th quarter in a monstrous way! Scored 25, 5 3-pointers (including the clinching 3 with seconds to go), all, in the 4th quarter. He finished witha respectable 39 points, and willed the Bucks the win in the 4th, though they were down 13 points going into it!

March 17, 2013  04:46 PM ET

I've watched Sanders' file on Wade dozens and dozens of time in slo-mo and in smaller increments and although it may not be provable to 100% certainty, I believe the foul was intentional and that Saunders intended to come down on Wade. The way he turned his body to come down with his heavy posterior on Wade was also telling; the turn was a most unnatural motion for someone rushing toward someone for a block. Finally, the look on Sanders face after the collision, as though nothing happened was also telling; his failure to even look at Wade for so long afterward was another "tell". It may never be known or proven, but from what evidence there is, I believe Sanders tried to hurt Wade. Finally, I blame the refs for allowing for allowing too much physicality, as a few earlier calls may have prevented the escalation of fouls. Sanders' unnecesarily hard foul on Lebron should probably been call a flagrant 1, as there was no attempt on the ball. At the very least a technical foul should have been called.

March 17, 2013  06:55 PM ET

Well, he was right. The games aren't fairly officiated and that would drive me crazy if my income depended on it.

He should have took LeBron's head off and made it count. Hopefully he learned that for next time.


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