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Colorado Rockies acquire SP Jon Garland


04:23 PM ET 03.24 | I've discussed multiple times that the Rockies were looking to bring in a starting pitcher before the season started. And boy, did they hit the jackpot! According to reports from Jon Heyman, they have agreed to terms with free agent, Jon Garland. I like the thought of the Rox getting a starting pitcher, because their starting rotation looks awful heading into 2013, but they seriously couldn't pull off a deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers? I mentioned how Dodgers could have been a good fit, and that a deal with them almost made too much sense. They have three starting pitchers who they have to be looking to trade, in Chris Capuano, Ted Lilly, and Aaron Harang. Personally, I like those three more than Garland. None of them have a spot in their rotation, and they are in need of a catcher, which is where Ramon Hernandez comes into play.

Mile High Maniac

Jon Garland, Getty Images/Jeff Gross Jon Garland, Getty Images/Jeff Gross
March 24, 2013  08:23 PM ET

The rockies would need more than just Garland in their rotation,,they should try to workout a trade with the dodgers and who KNOWS? they may be able to get another tough pitcher from the LA blue!!!

March 24, 2013  08:26 PM ET

the Angels are about to trade VERNON WELLS, but the halos are very smart to say the least, yankees wouldn't pay vernon wells contract in full, the angels likely will pay three quarters of the remaining contract, about 30 millions? heck halos have money to throw it in the trash,,,

March 24, 2013  08:28 PM ET

VERNON WELLS would safe face at least the angels can't blame him for the halos albastros season in the 2013, should angels get OF injuries?? don't worried they have their tough OF on SCOTT COUSINS!!!

March 24, 2013  08:30 PM ET

what is better is wells could be having a better season with the yanks this year, his playing time would be mighty increased and could hammer as many HOMERUNS and drive as many R.B,I,S,
halos wouldn't going to be to happy but that's life,,

March 24, 2013  08:32 PM ET

just take a look on SCOTT KAZMIR? he its doing a heck of a job in the indians team and appears to be able to close the back end in the indians rotation,,, angels mad? nope, just dissappointed to their luck that's all!!

March 24, 2013  08:38 PM ET

late decissions could either hurt or benefit any team now days,,but angels aren't any good in their rotation, remove wells and your lineup could be weaker than before wells trade,
angels still can't figureout how to built their franchise and team, they got hanson a injuried-prone player,they got their closer MADSON another injuried-prone player WHO wouldn't be able to play for the team at least untill mid-may, with all this puzzle roster good luck halos,,,we will needed!!!

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March 25, 2013  03:07 AM ET

Not quite sure how acquiring Jon Garland constitutes hitting the jackpot. 132-119 with a lifetime ERA of 4.32 mainly in the AL Central. More like hitting the lunchbucket.

March 25, 2013  01:17 PM ET

wiseup: Garland will help but will not make rox contenders. More work to be done.


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