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NBA tells Timberwolves refs missed call at end of Lakers game


03:50 PM ET 03.28 | Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio raised a big stink after a dubious no-call on Kobe Bryant in Minnesota's 120-117 loss to the Lakers on Wednesday night. A day later, the NBA has told the Wolves that Bryant should have been called for a foul on Rubio's potential game-tying three-point attempt at the buzzer. On the play, Rubio rushed up court to hoist a three-pointer when Bryant flew past him and nailed the point guard on the wrist. No foul was called and Los Angeles picked up a key victory. Bryant said after the game that it was a good no-call, but clearly the league feels otherwise. Unfortunately for the Wolves, it's too late.

The Oklahoman

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March 28, 2013  04:10 PM ET

**** happens. Just remember what happened at the end of the hawks-lakers game

March 28, 2013  04:40 PM ET

lakers get favorable treatment, what else is new...

March 28, 2013  04:41 PM ET

Why does the nba release these publicly? Jeesh.

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March 29, 2013  01:15 AM ET

This happens a dozen time a year (3 time this year against the Raps in 1 point games at the end of regulation). YA. There is favoritism! But there just seems to be more and more, each and every year, less consistency in a way a game is called from quarter to quarter, and one end of the floor to the other. And it's not like teams don't notice. When a team is allowed to foul 3 or 4 times in a short period of time, then they just foul harder. This has happened in the fourth quarter in two different games to Rudy Gay, and he has miss time due to back injuries. Refs who don't call a fair game are putting athletes careers at risk, not to mention dumping on the chance of teams createing any kind of synergy. I see this in almost every game I watch.

IS IT TO MUCH TO ASK FOR FOR CONSISTENT GAME CALLING, AND ACTUALLY FIRING REFS OR SUSPENDING THEM FOR MAKING OR NOT MAKING CALLS THAT DETERMINE THE OUTCOME OF THE GAME! The NBA has become a joke. I love my Raptors, but almost everytime I turn on a game(Raptors or not), I see officiating that makes me sick to my stomach. I whole-heartedly, honest to godd think, that there is some huge connection the NBA has with Vegas. How else can you explain the joke that they call the worlds best officials. And lets not even start with the judgement calls they have inforced in the last ten years where a ref can blow the whistle at almost any point of time, just to disrupt the momentum of the game.

Stern retiring isn't enough. He's just handing the job to his lil clone, and they will continue to work from the current agenda. I don't really give a flying fudge who the favorite team is, I want to see the best team that night win the game. Is that to much to ask.... never mind. Going to enjoy what real hoops is left at the NCAA level.

March 29, 2013  04:41 AM ET

NBA Star treatment, nothing new...

March 29, 2013  09:19 AM ET

The Referees Always Miss Calls, Bros.

March 29, 2013  09:55 AM ET

Bad calls happen all around. The old tired refs couldn't transition. in time to see the play clearly.Eventually Ricky will get missed calls going his way also. Play on young fella and try to stay healthy.

LOL @ 'young fella".


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