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Phillies won't talk contract with Manuel


07:48 AM ET 04.03 | The season has begun, which means the clock is officially ticking on the final year of Charlie Manuel's contract. The most successful manager in Phillies history is a lame duck. And, according to general manager Ruben Amaro Jr., he will stay that way. Amaro has no plans to explore a contract extension or talk about Manuel's future in any way until the season ends. "That's been the plan all along," Amaro said on opening day. "We're going to talk at the end of the year. We haven't discussed anything and we won't discuss anything until then." Amaro doesn't believe Manuel's status will become an issue, distraction or unnecessary subplot during the season. "I'm not worried about anything," he said.

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April 3, 2013  07:54 AM ET

They don't make the playoffs - he's done..... IMHO....

April 3, 2013  09:15 AM ET

Somebody always takes the fall. Managers are easy targets, that is what they get paid to do, stand in the open with a circle on their chest.

April 3, 2013  10:45 AM ET


The next manager of the Philadelphia Phillies is coaching 3rd base for them this season.

There is only one reason the Phillies moved Sandberg from managing their AAA club in Lehigh to 3rd base coach with the big club. They didn't want another club to poach him. It doesn't hurt for him to get familiar with the roster so he's ready to take over Manuel's job next season (or sooner if the team tanks at some point this season).

Amaro might want to make sure his resume is updated as well. His job status can't be all that secure either.

April 3, 2013  10:47 AM ET

Think the followers of the Phils know that Ryne Sandberg has been promoted to bench coach this year and is seen as the natural successor. If they give Manuel a deal, its likely they lose Sandberg, as he was considered for other manager jobs in years past (although not a finalist). Seems like the brass is interested in making the move to Sandberg. I think it would take more than the Phils making the playoffs to get Manuel an extension.

April 3, 2013  11:09 AM ET

The Phillies don't need a new manager, they need to search the record of Ponce De Leon and see if he found the fountain of youth.

April 3, 2013  11:25 AM ET

The Phillies don't need a new manager, they need to search the record of Ponce De Leon and see if he found the fountain of youth.


April 3, 2013  12:35 PM ET

They don't make the playoffs - he's done..... IMHO....

the phillies won't talk extenssion contract to their manager manuel?? well you have to acknowledge he its not cole hamels!!!

April 3, 2013  01:26 PM ET

the phillies could be hitting in the right direction,, but what do i know?? one thing i have clear,,the team will have top competetors in the braves and in the nationals,,, just saying!!!

April 3, 2013  01:40 PM ET

Look for Charlie to move to New York!!!

April 3, 2013  02:30 PM ET

wiseup: as what a cabbie, or is Giradi's job in question? Relax , just messing with you. Manuel could be in line maybe for Mets job if Collins is dismissed. Mets might look at other candidates also.


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