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Pop 'very concerned' about Parker


08:12 AM ET 04.05 | By the fourth quarter of Thursday's loss at Oklahoma City, Gregg Popovich took the decision out of Tony Parker's hands. It was the way Parker was hobbling up and down the court at Chesapeake Energy Arena, looking more like 38-year-old Thunder guard Derek Fisher than Fisher himself. "I saw him come across half court actually limping at one time, so that's when we pulled him," Popovich said. "I said 'Tony, you've got to stop, so we can figure out what it is.' He just couldn't go." Heading into the game, Parker was dealing with a laundry list of bumps. ... [Popovich] described himself "very concerned" about his star guard's health. "We thought he had just kind of recovered from his ankle, so this was something new tonight."

San Antonio Express-News

Tony Parker, Getty Images Tony Parker, Getty Images
April 5, 2013  08:18 AM ET

1st round exit?

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April 5, 2013  08:59 AM ET

I like how the playoffs is shaping up. With the way players have been going down it seems like it'll be field day for OKC... there's no threat in the West.

April 5, 2013  09:01 AM ET

Denver and SA ailing. The Lakers chances just got a little better.

Lakers are more hurt than a broken heart... Kobe, Howard, Nash, Gasol and Metta are not 100%... they'd be lucky to even make the playoffs...

April 5, 2013  09:30 AM ET

Sounds like he needs to take a seat for a week or so.

April 5, 2013  09:58 AM ET

Yeah, worst possible scenario for Parker to be injured going into the playoffs. They still need to diagnose what is wrong with his shin, but if it's not serious (stress fracture), then he could rest two weeks and be back for the playoffs.

Spurs only need to win their last three home games (Hawks, Kings, Twolves) to secure the #2 seed, and that's if Memphis and the Nuggets win out. So, I look for Pop to sit Parker, Jackson, Manu (no surprise here) and use Duncan and KL sparingly. The silver lining is the bench will get lots of experience and be ready for the playoffs.

April 5, 2013  10:00 AM ET

Maybe Parker should try playing in uniform instead of street clothes.

April 5, 2013  10:16 AM ET

If they do lose again in the 1st round, cause of Injuries, I really think they need to start breakkng it all down as they just can't play full seasons anymore.Don't be like the old 80s Celtics and retain guys, cause they will be in the toilet for a decade if they do

Regardless of how far they go this year, there is a bit of a "natural" re-alignment that will take place. Jackson and Manu are both in the last year of their contracts. They should re-sign, but it will be for far less, freeing up $12-$15mil. So, they will probably remain on the team, but the Spurs will have the $$ to pickup other players, and injuries to these guys will be less of a factor.

April 5, 2013  10:18 AM ET

Will It Be A First Round Knockout, Bros?

April 5, 2013  10:21 AM ET

Lakers are more hurt than a broken heart... Kobe, Howard, Nash, Gasol and Metta are not 100%... they'd be lucky to even make the playoffs...

Making the playoffs is the bottom line!!!!

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April 5, 2013  10:35 AM ET

picking up more marginal talent might keep them decent, but it won't make them contenders. They need to turn over their 'stars' and there just aren't that many to go around

Duncan is playing at a fantastic level (24/12 against OKC last night). I can't see the Spurs (or any team) giving away that for just $10mil per year. The Spurs will have about $15mil to spend next year with Jackson and Manu contracts expiriing, so you can pick up a great 2/3 for that.

And that's about it for older players. A lot of folks haven't paid attention to the Spurs, but they have gotten a lot younger over the last few years. The next oldest players are Bonner and Parker at 31/32. Everyone else is in their 20s.

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April 5, 2013  11:42 AM ET

This 1st round knockout talk is hilarious. Not gonna happen against any of the possible 7 or 8 seeds, even with the injuries.

April 5, 2013  11:43 AM ET

Will Many and Tony be healthy for the playoffs?

They still think Manu is going to miss the first round. If he and Parker are out that could get really rough.


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