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Clippers eyeing Stan Van Gundy?


02:24 PM ET 04.06 | After a red-hot start to the season that involved a 17-game winning streak, the Los Angeles Clippers have been slipping of late, raising plenty of questions about the future of head coach Vinny Del Negro. The Clippers' headmaster is currently coaching on a one-year extension, and there already rumblings that he may not be back next season. In order to entice Chris Paul to re-sign in Los Angeles, the Clippers are planning on giving him a big say on who he wants to be the long-term coach. If Paul wants somebody with a better track record, Del Negro is as good as gone. Furthermore, the availability of Stan Van Gundy is an intriguing possibility for the Clippers, and one that could be too good to pass up.

, Doug Pensinger Doug Pensinger
April 6, 2013  02:31 PM ET

If SVG gets hired by the Clippers I have a feeling that Howard will not sign a future contract with the Lakers just to stay miles away from SVG.

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April 6, 2013  02:56 PM ET

SVG is a better coach than VDN??? When hell freezes over!!!

April 6, 2013  02:58 PM ET

Del Negro has proven to be an average coach at best. The Clippers probably need a change to get to the next level.

April 6, 2013  03:50 PM ET

Del Negro has proven to be an average coach at best. The Clippers probably need a change to get to the next level.

Stan really?

April 6, 2013  04:00 PM ET

And you thought Griffin and Jordan were crying about their coach now, what until SVG gets a hold of them.

April 6, 2013  04:34 PM ET

Del Negro has proven to be an average coach at best. The Clippers probably need a change to get to the next level.

Get to the next level? Del Negro got them to their first prom. He deserves to keep his job...

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April 6, 2013  08:01 PM ET

Anybody is better than Del Negro. If Stan takes the job he should make sure he gets paid in advance, Sterling always screws over his coaches, they have to take him to court to get paid after they get fired. So funny to see the Clippers stagger down the stretch and cough up the 3rd seed, and probably end up at the 5th seed, without home court in the first round. After they are blown out in the first round will CP3 flee this train wreck?

April 6, 2013  08:25 PM ET

I thought they had peaked too soon. Thats how they got the 17 game winning streak. Then CP3 got injured. Now Griffin is injured. There is not much time to heal before the playoffs. If they are still injured they will exit the playoffs early.

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April 6, 2013  09:21 PM ET

LOL!!! the writing is on the wall, I called it a week ago, He is a great coach and exactly what the Clippers need. Let's see if the people upstairs in Clipper land follow through and do what's right for this franchise by hiring SVG.

April 7, 2013  01:40 AM ET

NO NO NO! I never cared for Del Negro's inability to come up with ,end of game CP one on one every single game .Team sport Mix it up. His lack of being able to run a team half court offence is tough to watch. Svg forget it i think i'd rather see his brother. How about Phil Jackson? Can you imagine what he could do with all that talent? Something needs to change.

April 7, 2013  09:19 AM ET

It's Never Lovely In Clipperland, Bros.

April 7, 2013  11:26 AM ET

Stan Van Gundy still has one of the highest winning percentages of all NBA coaches. No championships since Riley aced him out of one in Miami but he has won a lot more than lost.

Mike Brown had two 60 win seasons.

April 8, 2013  08:27 PM ET

It's Never Lovely In Clipperland, Bros.

It ain't to pretty in Lakerland either at the moment :)

But I'm not a huge fan of Vinny either...lots of good names out there like SVG, or Nate McMillan. Phil would never work for the Clips for two reasons, Sterling and Jeannie Buss....


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