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Gordon could be trade bait


06:47 PM ET 04.08 | Eric Gordon has a lot of making up to do in New Orleans. It might be too much making up. Gordon is reportedly going to remain on the trading block this summer after the Hornets failed to deal him before the trade deadline. Though the Hornets guard scored 17 points and recorded six assists in a 95-92 win in Phoenix on Sunday, there's a long road to proving he's worth a four-year, $58 million contract, a result of an offer sheet signed with the Suns that New Orleans matched. Gordon is shooting just 40 percent and averaging 16.5 points per game this year, and he missed 40 games because of injury. Add to the list that he said his "heart was in Phoenix" before the Hornets matched his contract, and he very well could be trade bait if teams are willing to take a risk on him.

New Orleans Times-Picayune

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April 8, 2013  07:14 PM ET

who would be stupid enough to take on a guy with a this massive contract in todays CBA.... who misses more games than he plays, who's scoring is DOWN and has never played on a winning team ?I'm thinking this reeks of MJ

The only another team would take him is if they got a high draft pick with him. Or if a third team was part of the trade. But I don't see happening soon.

Maybe it's not to late to call up the Suns to see if they still want him?

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April 9, 2013  01:44 AM ET

I'd trade demar if they'd also take Andrea's contract. slim to none chance of this ever happening tho. both sides prolly say no

April 9, 2013  02:22 AM ET

Clippers didn't want to include Gordon in Chris Paul trade, but David Stern insisted on Gordon being included or he'd veto the trade again. Gordon didn't want to leave LA. Then the first chance he got as a RFA, he signed an offer sheet with Phoenix saying he didn't want to be with the Hornets. So the Hornets, of course, signed him anyway. Talk about not being able to take a hint.

Now the Hornets would like us to believe it's all Gordon's fault.

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April 9, 2013  08:54 AM ET

Catch And Release, Bros?

April 9, 2013  09:30 AM ET

I'd trade demar if they'd also take Andrea's contract. slim to none chance of this ever happening tho. both sides prolly say no

I'd rather package Bargnani, Kleiza and Amir for this dude but then again I think the Raptors are better off without this undersized SG with his oversized contract. Let him sit and rot in New Orleans for a team desperate to add to their roster (Suns, Bobcats etc.)

April 9, 2013  05:54 PM ET


April 12, 2013  04:39 AM ET

Poor baby, doesn't want to play in that sand box.

You're focusing on a disgruntled player as the problem. But common sense tells you that you never chase someone who doesn't want a relationship with you. In love. In friendship. In business. In the NBA.

It's a bad management decision by the supposedly new and improved Hornets ownership and management that promised to avoid the bad business decisions of the former ownership/management.

April 12, 2013  05:27 AM ET

New Orleans should've just let Gordon go to Phoenix.

April 13, 2013  11:32 AM ET

Thank God Stern cancelled the Lakers trade for CP3 for 'basketball reasons', like getting this bum! It really worked out great for the Pelicans.


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