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Tyrann Mathieu upset NFL assistant leaked failed drug tests


10:49 AM ET 04.13 | Tyrann Mathieu has not dodged questions regarding his failed drug tests at LSU. But that's the cornerback talking about his own situation. Mathieu has taken issue with an unnamed NFL assistant who recently told USA Today reporter Jarrett Bell that the cornerback admitted to at least 10 failed drug tests. The coach went on to partially blame LSU for allowing Mathieu to fail so often before taking action. "It is irresponsible and shows a lack of integrity for anyone to disclose medical information regardless of how it was gathered," Mathieu said Friday in a statement provided to the university, which published. "I would expect that conversations regarding my drug testing history during the course of my medical treatment would be private. LSU has a strong drug testing program and LSU went to great lengths to help me in my treatment and recovery. "I understand that many people enjoy reading about the negative side of sports, but to publish those second-hand comments without being given a chance to address that comment prior to publication of the article is irresponsible."

Tyrann Mathieu, Joe Robbins/Getty Images Tyrann Mathieu, Joe Robbins/Getty Images
April 13, 2013  10:56 AM ET

Smoke a bowl and worry about it tomorrow

April 13, 2013  11:05 AM ET

Flash: Football players take PED's, this is groundbreaking news!

April 13, 2013  11:19 AM ET

Maybe he should be more upset with himself for being a dumba$$

April 13, 2013  11:28 AM ET

At least 10 failed drug tests...some people might call that excessive, LSU is much more tolerant than the NFL....

April 13, 2013  11:35 AM ET

10 failed tests? I think I see a pattern here.

April 13, 2013  11:36 AM ET

My bad, it was at least 10 he admitted to. So 10+

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April 13, 2013  11:54 AM ET

He is not upset he failed the test more than 10 times, only that it was "leaked?"

April 13, 2013  11:59 AM ET

We all know he's a pot head, what's the big deal? Listen to a majority of SEC players in an interview and you know that they major in football. If they weren't playing sports, they don't get into school. Well, LSU maybe.

April 13, 2013  12:16 PM ET

He Wants his Smoke and Money Too!!! Or is it Cake and eat it?

April 13, 2013  05:50 PM ET

Where there's smoke there's fire...or maybe a half full bowl.

April 14, 2013  09:03 AM ET

Yet another story on Mr. Pigeon-****.

April 14, 2013  11:10 AM ET

A coincidence, means nothing.

It means he can't learn from mistakes. GMs don't need a guy who has repeatedly shown he can't get with the program, and owners would not be that upbeat about flushing any money away on him.

April 14, 2013  11:17 AM ET

Maybe he should be more upset with himself for being a dumba$$

Even if it wasn't leaked to the media, word would still have gotten around. I wouldn't even consider this to be medical information; this was team standards violations. Mathieu and his reps will have next-to-no leverage when is comes to any contract discussions... I envision take-it-or-leave-it deals with any teams they talk to who'd be willing to take a chance on him.

April 15, 2013  09:14 AM ET

He is not upset he failed the test more than 10 times, only that it was "leaked?"

Of course. LSU exercises much more "institutional control" when it comes to what is leaked to the media. Institutional control over the players behavior? Not so much.


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