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Richard Petty speaks against Hall of Fame nominees


05:04 PM ET 04.13 | The King Richard Petty is saying that two of the nominees for the Hall Of Fame this year should not be allowed in. He says that they should be put in at a later time. He is talking about car owners Richard Childress and Rick Hendrick. He believes that they should not be allowed in yet because they are still very active in the sport. Richard Petty makes a good point about the statistics because you know they are going to have to change them almost every few weeks. Richard also said that they should put more of the pioneers in the sport first before people like Hendrick and Childress. He is pushing to get his brother Maurice Petty in the Hall Of Fame this year. He was the engine builder for Richard Petty and he helped Petty get all of his seven championships.

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Richard Petty, AP Photo/Terry Renna Richard Petty, AP Photo/Terry Renna
April 14, 2013  04:09 AM ET

I gotta agree with the King. I can't think of one sport that allows active players/owners/whatever in to their respective HOF's. Wait till they retire or sell their teams.

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April 14, 2013  11:15 AM ET

Couldn't agree more, They seem to put who ''THEY'' want to go into the HOF, Go KING, all in all B.France has ruined Nascar with his hair brained Bull Sh/it.

April 14, 2013  11:53 AM ET

I can see Petty's point.. but those two still are deserving of a nomination though.. they're not in yet.. still have the vote to come.. and Petty would be an idiot not to campaign for his brother.. it just wasn't his driving skill that won all those championships

April 14, 2013  03:43 PM ET

I agree with the following, as already stated before my comment:
-Childress and Hendricks are both deserving.....but there time is NOT NOW.
-Should be the pioneers first.....and not in bits and dribbles like they are selecting them now.
-B France just mucks up so many things relating to Nascar.
-Petty is spot on.

April 15, 2013  11:20 AM ET

When the King speaks NASCAR should listen.

April 15, 2013  11:29 AM ET

If your still active how can you be inducted into the HOF, your not done yet. If they are inducted as drivers, crew chiefs...etc then that is one thing, but as car owners, not now, the KING is correct.

April 15, 2013  03:25 PM ET

While I get Petty's intent, maybe he should practice what he preaches and remove himself from the HoF since he is still an active owner. Yes he is in as a driver, but as an owner he is still a part of the sport, and thus changing the statistics every week (assuming that comment was about Hendrick's and Childress's driver and not NASCAR themselves).

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April 17, 2013  08:28 PM ET

There's no contradiction in what Petty says. He is in as a driver and his driver stats are not being changed ever.

April 20, 2013  08:59 PM ET

There's no contradiction in what Petty says. He is in as a driver and his driver stats are not being changed ever.


May 3, 2013  10:24 AM ET

As Mr. Petty has said they are still very active as owners thus shouldn't be allowed into the HOF, or considered. They should have to wait until after they have retired from the position they are being nominated for. Besides that I don't care for Hendrick anyhow.

May 3, 2013  10:31 AM ET

There should be a waiting period after retirement in each category. Something should be done for the pioneers to speed up their inclusion.


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