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Will Dallas turn things around in 2014, or has the era ended?


08:07 PM ET 04.17 | The Dallas Mavericks put up a good fight; they played to end of the season never giving up on the sliver of playoff hopes that they were holding on to. Their superstar Dirk Nowitzki embraced the pact to not shave until the team reached .500 as much as anyone and that alone shows why he is a unique talent and person that the folks here in Dallas should not take for granted. Tonight the season will officially come to an end and with it the 12 straight years of the Mavs being in the playoffs; only the San Antonio Spurs have a longer active playoff streak at 16. While it will be a bit strange to watch the NBA playoffs and not have the Mavericks in the mix, we can now look forward to next year and what the future holds for this team. The next three months could be one of the most important times in the history of the Dallas Mavericks franchise. You have the NBA draft in June with free agency right after that and while the talent level in both is expected to be lower than normal it is still crucial. The Mavs are slotted in the 13th spot in the lottery, they will have their highest pick in the draft since the 2000 season when they picked 12th. Many people don't believe there will be many players in the draft who will make an impact as rookies but every year players surprise you, i.e., Damien Lillard. There are also some interesting international players in this draft, could the Mavericks find the next Dirk?

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Dirk Nowitzki, AP Photo/Michael Mulvey Dirk Nowitzki, AP Photo/Michael Mulvey
April 17, 2013  11:23 PM ET

The fat lady sang, ate dinner and went to bed.

April 17, 2013  11:31 PM ET

damm interns working late??

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April 18, 2013  04:45 AM ET

Get Lebron James at all cost, that is all.

April 18, 2013  09:41 AM ET

you'd have to define "turn things around." they will get players to improve over this year, but they will not be competitive in playoffs for years.

April 18, 2013  10:04 AM ET

Wow. Cuban REALLY messed this team up!

April 18, 2013  10:05 AM ET

Well, Dallas is not the worst place to be. It doesn't have quite the glamor of LA, but with Cuban, maybe it has some drawing power that will allow it to bounce back faster than the average NBA franchise.

Cuban should sell the Mav and buy the Knicks.

April 18, 2013  11:51 AM ET

12 years ago, this franchise was a disaster. Cuban changed the culture and there is a shiny trophy in his possession as a result.

I'll stick with him.

April 18, 2013  02:51 PM ET

That Era is over...
Dirk ain't getting any younger!

April 18, 2013  07:36 PM ET

That Era is over...Dirk ain't getting any younger!

The O.J. Mayo era damn sure is over...

Good riddance!

April 20, 2013  04:46 PM ET

That's an era? Showtime was an era, the MJ bulls were an era, Shaq/Kobe was an era. The Mavs were a fluke.


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