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Buck Showalter advises Rex Ryan to stick to football


08:07 AM ET 04.20 | Orioles manager Buck Showalter bit his tongue Friday to avoid going on a prolonged rant about the recent comments made by Jets head coach Rex Ryan, but his point still came through loud and clear. Ryan told the New York Daily-News that it's "unfortunate" that the Orioles didn't move their Sept. 5 home game against the Chicago White Sox so that the Ravens could open their season that night at M&T Bank Stadium. A reporter asked Showalter for his reaction today. "It's funny because the schedules came out recently and I was writing in my daytimer when the Ravens were at home because I like to go to one or two of their games," Showalter said. "I think I'd be a little more concerned about Nov. 24 when the Jets come here and trying to figure out a way to beat the Ravens. Wouldn't you? I think that would be a little bit more of a challenge. "I try to stay out of things I don't know about. Like I don't know about the NFL schedule and NFL challenges. So that would be my advice. I would stay in what is my area of supposed expertise. "I have a lot more."

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April 20, 2013  09:09 AM ET

As a Jets fan- I am embarrassed by what rex said

But are you surprised?

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April 20, 2013  09:18 AM ET

sadly, no

I had in the beginning thought that Rex's remarks were meant to fire his team up but it never seemed to work. I still don't know how he's survived the Jet's purge.

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April 20, 2013  10:25 AM ET

Good job, Buck.

In fact, rather than stick to football, Rex should stick his head back up his arse.

Nicely done, Sir.

April 20, 2013  10:38 AM ET

Good job, Buck.In fact, rather than stick to football, Rex should stick his head back up his arse.

I didn't realize he had pulled it out. He's been talking out of it for so long, how could you tell the difference?

April 20, 2013  11:14 AM ET

Ryan may have slimmed down but he'll always have a fat mouth.

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April 20, 2013  11:22 AM ET

Why would Ryan even care.....I've always given him the benefit of the doubt...but truthfully its getting harder and harder...

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April 20, 2013  11:28 AM ET

showalter appears to be dissappointed with the rex rayn thingy,,,

April 20, 2013  11:48 AM ET

And how does Rex keep his job?

Not that I mind, I enjoy him keeping the Jets down, but still, you gotta wonder what's going on in the Jets owners mind.

Or lack there-of

April 20, 2013  11:56 AM ET

Not a Orioles manager Buck Showalter fan, but I agree with Buck, Rex should just shut up and stink to coaching the Jets, Rex your mouth gets you in trouble with the media and fans and your gut...

April 20, 2013  12:01 PM ET

Ryan had the audacity to expect the orioles to give up a home game to accomodate the ravens and Ryan. It would be no different asking Ryan and the jets to give up a home date and play seven at home and nine on the road. Ryan would not hear of it. Ryan should stick to his feeble attempt at Coaching, while he still can , the Jets. The MLB schedules came out last December. If there is a conflict in scedules in Baltimore that is the NFL schedulers fault.

April 20, 2013  12:06 PM ET

The Ravens Just may have to open on the road if they must play that Thursday. What,s the difference they have to play 8 on road and 8 at home.

April 20, 2013  12:17 PM ET

Ryan isn't even involved in that game. He should shut up and worry about his own team and schedule, run his mouth more about being a championship team.

April 20, 2013  12:17 PM ET

As a Jets fan- I am embarrassed by what rex said

As a Jet, fan Rex is an embarrassment to coaching for just about everything he has said and done!!!!!

I agree!!

April 20, 2013  12:19 PM ET

32 HC jobs in the NFL , mabey 1/3 are filled with qualified leaders with that title , Rex is is in the ... well you know .


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