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Would a Mike Brown hiring in Cleveland work or fail?


08:13 PM ET 04.22 | How it will work: Mike Brown is known as one of the top defensive minds in the game. The biggest thing the Cavaliers needed over the past three seasons is defense. Brown would make a huge impact on the defensive side of the ball. How it will fail: we saw up close how Brown handles his offense. First with LeBron, where it seemed to be only isolation offense for 48 minutes. Kyrie Irving is another iso player, and if Brown takes the job, we could see more of the same. His in-game adjustments also hurt him in the past, getting out-coached in playoff series that cost the Cavs their season. Likelihood of hire: 70 percent. Dan Gilbert and Chris Grant met with Brown on Sunday night in Detroit. According to sources, the meeting went well, but Brown was not offered the job. The two sides could reconnect in the next few days, depending on what happens with other candidates. The two sides previously haven't spoken since the split up in 2010, but it has been said that the two hold no grudges.

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Mike Brown, AP Photo/Mark Duncan Mike Brown, AP Photo/Mark Duncan
April 22, 2013  10:21 PM ET

Do they have any other choice? It will work because he is use to only 1 star. LA had multiple stars but didn't know how to coach them offensively.

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April 23, 2013  06:09 AM ET

So - if Brown returns to coach the Cavs, good for Irving, and bad for the development of the lesser role players. Irving will get a disproportionate amount of shots, at the expense of the rest of the team.That is, unless Brown insists on playing the Princeton or some other scheme that forces the team to share the ball with each other.

He only wanted to run the Princeton offense to keep Kobe from ball hogging and they fired him for it.

This dude didn't get a fair shake. Dantoni did far more losing than MB and he kept his job.

April 23, 2013  08:47 AM ET

So will Mike Brown getdouble pay checks if he get hired? Because the Lakers are still paying him!

April 23, 2013  09:28 AM ET

No Place Like Home, Bro?

April 23, 2013  09:45 AM ET


April 23, 2013  03:14 PM ET

Welcome back Mike Brown!

April 23, 2013  06:44 PM ET

Welcome back!

Lets just hope that he brings in a very stead offensive coach. There is no doubt that his defensive principals will greatly improve one of the worst defensive teams I have ever seen in Cleveland.

It was such a stark contrast - not only that Lebron left, but the system in general. Even when LeBron was on the bench- the Cavs could play D even though they didnt have a ton of great defensive players.

Mike Brown's system works on defense. It is as simple as that. It is why he was hired by the Lakers and improved their defense. He needs help on offense though and I am sure he is competent enough to realize that.

I like the hire, especially when compared to many of the other coaches out there- Philly and Phoenix were trying to hire him so the Cavs needed to act quick if they really wanted him- once Jackson predictably said no- they jumped on it

April 23, 2013  11:30 PM ET

So will Mike Brown getdouble pay checks if he get hired? Because the Lakers are still paying him!

No, the Lakers won't have to pay the total amount of the contract, whatever the Cavs pay will be taken out of that.

April 26, 2013  03:43 PM ET

Kind of a mute point seeing as how they hire him. Only time will tell if his philosophy is good for the Cavs or not. having LeBron come back to Cleveland next year couldn't hurt.


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