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Wizards ready to give to the max for Wall?


07:01 AM ET 04.24 | Credit the Wizards' Ernie Grunfeld for dreaming big after a dispiriting season -- though a 25-25 record over the final 50 games offered some hope with a healthy roster led by John Wall. [Grunfeld on giving Wall a max deal]: "I think John had a very good year, and he showed that he makes a difference on the team. There's no question about that, and he's eligible for an extension. July 1 is the first day we can talk about that, and we'll have conversations with him, his representatives, to see if we can work something out. Obviously, we've said all along that we're building this team around John and with John. We want to have him here long term."

The Washington Post

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April 24, 2013  08:42 AM ET

Tough decision. He is not a max player but will get close to max. Should just wait until his contract ends. You have a year to build around him before you can give him max.

April 24, 2013  08:55 AM ET

I would not give him max. No way.

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April 24, 2013  09:23 AM ET

current PGs who deserve MAX contracts: Paul, Curry, Westbrook

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April 24, 2013  09:38 AM ET

Up Against The Wall, Bros?

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April 24, 2013  01:06 PM ET

Wizards can take a chance of waiting till next year. I seriously doubt that there will be other teams willing to pay max-type money for Wall, so not smart to compete against yourself.

April 24, 2013  02:03 PM ET

Wall getting a max contract screams wrong, but I think he will get it. They don't have to give him a max yet as his contract isn't over yet. PG's that I believe reupped for max contracts before their contract was over was Rose and Westbrook. Wall has not shown he is in the same class as Westbrook and Rose but he did have a really good March and April

April 24, 2013  08:52 PM ET

Washington is going to wind up giving him a max deal, simply to secure him. There's some team out there dumb enough to enter a bidding war with Washington to pay him competitively, so just to get it out of the way and lock him in at 22-23 years old moving forward they're gonna give him the max.

Does he deserve such a deal at this point? HELL NO. But his play this season has been a rather compelling argument. If he progresses from where he is now into next year then the team should look into the max deal, but they're gonna shell it out to keep him.

April 26, 2013  01:18 PM ET

In the few games that he played this year, not a bad decision. They better also think about getting some REAL talent around him. As well as a GOOD coach> Just something to think about.


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