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Pressure is on new Raiders general manger to draft right


06:20 PM ET 04.24 | While the Raider nation is anticipating what direction GM Reggie McKenzie will do with the third overall pick, many of the fans have been mum with his free-agent acquisitions. He did not reach or overpay for big name free-agents, but rather took calculated risks on players with high potential. A smart move on his part. In addition, just as important was his ability to disengage with high profile players such as QB Carson Palmer, DT Tommy Kelly, and LB Rolando McClain. The bold moves, quickly gave the Oakland Raiders some much needed breathing room under the salary cap. Now, as they prepare for the 2013 NFL Draft, how has McKenzie fared thus far? If I had to designate a grade, it would have to be a B+. One of the reasons, McKenzie receives high praise for his offseason efforts is due to the signings of LB Kevin Burnett, CB Mike Jenkins, and CB Tracy Porter. All of those players are solid and were had at a bargain. McKenzie is taking calculated risks and it seems to be paying off. And while McKenzie may be gaining high praise from me, how is the Raider nation reacting to the free agents? I would have to say the feeling is neutral. I asked many Raiders fans about how they felt, and they were disappointed that they did not make a splash for at least one Pro Bowl talent, but rather settling for cheaper alternatives. However, they were not overly upset with the acquisitions, as many of them agreed they were the right moves for the organization.

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Reggie McKenzie, AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez Reggie McKenzie, AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez
April 24, 2013  11:28 PM ET

I like Reggie already,

He's been very busy,putting up an competitive team this year,and that's the kind of person needed for this task. I can only say,that Yer team do better than last year.

April 25, 2013  10:48 AM ET

I guess there isn't preasure on any other GMs

April 25, 2013  12:51 PM ET

Do Raiders fans realize that Reggie McKenzie was trained in the Packers' draft methodology in which big free agent signings are extraordinarily rare? Building a team through the draft has worked well in Green Bay. Have patience, Oakland.

April 25, 2013  01:28 PM ET

Reggie has done a great job with the Raiders so far, shedding dead weight players and bringing in quality guys like Porter and Burnett and acquiring Matt Flynn. I expect he will have a solid draft and the team could have 8 or 9 wins next year. Denver is ridiculously good, but both K.C. and San Diego are down.


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